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Group Blasts Amnesty International

Chris Uba

The Nigerian National Summit Group (NNSG) has condemned, as biased and slanted to fulfil a dubious agenda, the Amnesty International’s Report on the Nigerian Military’s valiant resistance to the murderous terrorist onslaughts of the Boko Haram fundamental extremists that have slaughtered tens of thousands of innocent Nigerians, and displaced hundreds of thousands more Nigerians internally, and into neighbouring countries, as wretched refugees. NNSG Executive Secretary, Mr. Tony I. Uranta, addressing Newsmen at the weekend, accused AI of attempting to deploy cheap and not-so-subtle blackmail to stampede President Muhammadu Buhari into turning against his own military, to so stir discontent within the ranks of the Nigerian Military, and thus fast-track the long-obvious agenda of certain Western powers to jeopardise the war against Boko Haram as prelude to expediting nationwide system collapse! According to the NNSG Scribe, “The AI Report is mainly a compilation of unsubstantiated allegations, accentuated by dubious visuals of highly-suspect activities that most Nigerians had long written off as likely “false flag” operations (we remember how Hitler faked an attack by criminals dressed in German Army uniforms to justify the Blitzkrieg into Poland that triggered World War II) by the very media-savvy and unscrupulous Boko Haram terrorists (who have always been linked to, and mentored by, Al Qaeda, Al Shabab, ISIS, AQIM etc!) designed to portray the Nigeria Fighting Forces in bad light, and strewn with a hodge-podge of putative ‘inside stories’ which are unlikely to stand any standard verification tests!” “Whilst we join the President in saying every allegation of impropriety, made against any agency of the Federal Government of Nigeria, must be looked into, we strongly deplore the uncivil language and tone of AI’s Report which is irritatingly devoid of any diplomatese, any civility, or any respect, even as it seeks to dictate conclusions to Mr. President, even before his independent investigations are commenced, even as AI dares to command the FGN by saying it “MUST” do certain things! This cannot be tolerated by any Sovereign Nation worth its name, and we are sure that President Buhari, who himself is a seasoned military General and politician, will never allow any Foreign Government, Multilateral Agency, Multinational Corporate Organisation to command him or Nigeria to do anything just to suit their non-altruistic agenda”, continued Mr. Uranta. The Nigerian National Summit Group [NNSG] however wondered if the Nigerian Military is not itself exacerbating its operational challenges by simultaneously opening up a theatre within the Niger Delta, ostensibly to curb the nefarious acts of piracy and oil theft in that region, even though the NNSG recognises that the insecurity challenges of the North-eastern Zone of Nigeria cannot stop the Security Agencies/Military from ensuring that the rest of the country is secured and peaceful. Uranta reminded all Nigerians that “our valiant Nigerian troops were our only buffer against Boko Haram’s seemingly-unstoppable surge southwards, even when they lacked the commensurate equipment to holistically do so, because our traditional ‘allies’ (that is, the USA, NATO etc.) chose not to help Nigeria, in that our recent hour of need! Nigerians should be very wary lest these same our Fighting Forces are now, falsely, scandalised as the villains in this ongoing Global Military-Industrial Complex’ Agenda, merely because some global players feel entitled to control Nigeria, on the debatable claim that they helped change the political status quo through the 2015 Elections!”

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