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Fuel Subsidy And Oil Price

In 2014 when President Buhari made his fourth bid at Presidency of Nigeria I  was very skeptical and prayed to God Almighty and asked questions and my fears were confirmed. I wrote a lot of articles and opinions bordering  on hidden Agenda.

They are now manifesting and our carelessness, greed, unfaithfulness and self centeredness are paying off, the Elites, Opinion leaders, Bogous Igbo Chiefs of no content who wore Agbada and dressed like Fulani Mallams or Alhajis the Deceivers of their Brethren, the Judases that betrayed our course castigated me and preferred an armed robber than a mere petty thief. The South Eastern and South-South States where normal votes were above one and half a million votes came to less than five hundred thousand votes, for  the first time in living history rice and other dishes were served at polling stations, card readers were used, and our brothers and sisters , the security forces were used to ensure that our voting power was decimated. While in the Northern parts of Nigeria voting was liberalized, people who deserted their homes and who were not captured during the registration exercise including infants and unborn babies voted. There were no card readers applications and jeg stood clapping his dirty hands. Just one year and our gravesides are no more capable of containing corpses, those engaged in mortuary businesses are thriving as corpses are kept for months while poor families are looking for buyers of their lands to effect a now , very expensive burial ceremony.

I read  Mike Ozekhome on Hard Facts, a STEVE NWAOSU Column in Daily Sun New-papers on Subsidy Blues: Historical revisionism at work : THE PATRIOT, THE PRETENDERS: a wonderful piece by a wonderful learned man of repute. His reminded me of the likes of AHITHOPHEL in second Samuel of the Holy Bible, sycophants and praise singers and I know their endings shall be as their likes. It touche on me and like pains in the marrow, the careless abolishment of History in our Educational Curriculum, our so called Educationists became naïve and midway abandoned the course of nature, if computers store records can they create records No, what if there exists viruses.

In those days there existed the English History, later the African and West African History and then Nigerian History, these were the route of our present realizations. In those days, Nigerian Institutions did not recognize American University Degrees or Certificates because they knew their backgrounds and origin. In as much as I am not an Educationist but I know that this abolition of the study of History in our system was caused by people who came through this American route, and today Nigeria Educational system is improverished and without content. what one hears are only special examination centres producing illitrate under graduates and packaged graduates that have weakened our general services.

That is why our political class has continuously messed up the nation in all ramifications. It is as a result of all these dents that Mohammudu Buhari saw himself today as the President of Nigeria, a first class African Country and that was why we went backwards Thirty years to continue in darkness, Fuel price and subsidy realizations are economic applications and it is effective in Nigeria because of our underdevelopment, Crude oil production, sales and control are purely the business of the Federal Government and all realizations are our common wealth. Fuel subsidy is a right of the Nigerian Masses because of the monopoly Federal Government is exercising over the Petroleum Sector. By right, every Nigerian is supposed to earn a flat rate of fees to take care of feeding and accommodation because the Federal Government does not specifically own the land and the offshore areas of the oil producing communities. The removal of fuel subsidy and hiking of fuel price at a time the economy hopelessly being managed is to say the least very in –human. If fuel subsidy was removed in 2012 when President Jonathan proposed it may be the effect could not have been too adverse and by now it ought to have been forgotten. If President Jonathan created palliatives to grow the economy like SURE –P,  Mass Trans it WIN, etc as a pre requisite realizing the burden of cost as a result of fuel subsidy  removal and also gave notice to the public then his actions were Godly conceived. The impurity and intimidation of the present administration over total removal of fuel subsidy and increase in pump price is a serious anti – people , the like of Professor Wole Soyinka, Professor Osibanjo, Professor Tam David West, Lai Mohammed, and Lately Chief Orji Uzor Kalu including others that this space may not contain should rather bury their faces in shame or commit suicide for being anti – people.

The social services applicable in Britain, USA and other developed countries of the world are put in place by those Governments because of the concern for the common and Rural Masses. The benefits of the natural gift of crude oil are enjoyed by the Northerners and mainly the Fulanis, otherwise why must about eighty percent of the Oil Blocks be held by them what informed this consideration.

It is not to effect these his Ethnic interest that he struggled to come to power. Those who hitherto to blocked his chances compromised to assuage their common interest because they were of the view that President Jonathan was going to review Oil Block allocations. Senator Bola Tinubu got drawn to the side of the Awolowo Group and convinced the South West and Obasanjo caved in as he had no alternative as a result of these interest. President Buhari decided to also occupy the Petroleum Ministry to get those things he failed to get in his former bids.

I decided to be economical in this my expansive write-up and for historic purposes. These Petroleum Product suppliers or importers are they not Nigerians can’t younger and new breed Nigerians vie to be suppliers  if an open bid is opened which will further expand our economic market. If President Buhari had used his wasted seven months upon assuming office to liberalise issuance of Refinery License to Nigerians or their combines by now we ought to be talking differently. My humble self have foreign Finance Groups that could have partnered my company. If these were achieved our economy could have hit world class. President Buhari abandoned the Agricultural Development Projects of President Jonathan’s Administration otherwise by now we must have said bye bye to Rice Importation and our cassava could have been yielding revenue like crude oil, as the Chinese were highly interested.

My advice to PMB is that he should stop unnecessary oversea trips, stop hangers on who are the major crooks in Nigeria who play faithful muslims, but was than Hindus the saboteurs of IPOB’s interest and as a matter of urgency reverse the fuel price downwards, restore fuel subsidy and its palliatives cause credible Economist to assist and see how he can fast track the build up an consistent growth of the economy and stop chasing shadows on recovery of envisaged wealth of only the PDP stalwarts who are now the only Nigerian Looters.



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