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Friends Plan Anti- Corruption Rally For Buhari

Iniobong Ekponta, Uyo

In line with his pre-election promises to fix Nigeria if given the chance, associates of President Muhammadu Buhari, have concluded plans to stage a mass rally against corruption and other anti-social vices plaguing the Nigerian system. The rally, according to organizers, would hold in some selected State capitals of Akwa Ibom for South-South; Imo for Southeast and other geo-political zones in Nigeria.

Addressing Journalists in Uyo, the State capital, the National Coordinator of Buhari Friends Organisation Network (BFON), Saint Athanasius Okon, explained that the action became necessary to draw President Buhari’s attention to the issues that compelled Nigerians to elect him over incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan, on March 28, 2015. Expressing dismay at the infiltration of his government by those he perceived were opposed to Buhari’s emergence as President of Nigeria, Okon said it was time to draw Mr. President to the issues that endeared him to Nigerians.

He lamented that corruption has permeated the entire fabrics of the Nigerian system, noting that the penetration of the opposing forces would only create a distraction that could blind the President’s resolve to rid the country of the ills that had weigh it down over the years. Calling on Buhari to “shine your eye”, Okon said the rally would serve as a reminder for the President not to ignore the platforms that fetched him the coveted seat after three shots at the presidency to no avail.

While advising the President against using the seat as platform to witch-hunt supposed political enemies, Okon explained that the monster of corruption has eaten deep into the consciousness of every Nigerian and urged Buhari to wield the big stick across all sectors of the Nigerian economy if the anti- corruption war must succeed.

He listed areas where corruption is most endemic to include filling stations that underdispense fuel, even above the official price of N87 per litre; frauds committed by lecturers against students; exploitation of electricity consumers by power distributors and sundry crimes by Police and other law enforcement agencies. Okon, who frowned at the lopsided appropriation of the common’s wealth by the acclaimed owners of Nigeria, to the detriment of the downtrodden, appealed to Buhari, to make the best use of his tenure to right the wrongs of nepotism and corruption in Nigeria.

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