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Fresh Trouble For Saraki

…As Ndume, IbNnala Refuse To Resign

Renewed attempt by the leadership of APC to enforce the candidates of its choice in the leadership
of the senate may have hit another brick wall


Renewed attempt by the leadership of the All Pro­gressive Congress (APC) to enforce the candidates of its choice in the leadership of the  senate may have hit another brick wall as the majority leader of the senate senator Ali Ndume and his deputy senator Bala IbiNnala vowed to remain in office.

The alleged refusal of the said principal officers to resign their job as directed by the party lead­ership may have jolted the embat­tled Senate President, Saraki who had allegedly agreed to sacrifice the said officers to save his own job.

The party leadership was alleged to have asked Senators Ndume and Ibi Nnala respective­ly to vacate their offices to pave way for its preferred candidates Senator Ahmed Lawan to emerge as majority leader and senator George Akume as his deputy.

A dependable source said that the said principal officers of the senate were asked to resign their job on or before yesterday to en­able Senator Lawan and Akume take charge.

According to him, the said defi­ant APC senators may have told the party that they were not in  hurry to dump their plum job as majority leader and deputy.

One of the principal officers told The UNION yesterday that it was in bad faith for the senate president to have accepted the party order asking them to vacate of­fices.

According to him, ‘1 never agreed with anybody to resign my job.”

Speculations were rife last week that the three other presiding officers of the Senate , including the majority leader, his deputy and the deputy chef whip have accepted the party directive to vacate of­fice as a recipe to save Senator Saraki’s job.

The said officers are to be named chairmen of G A standing committees of the senate as compensation. Party sourc­es said yesterday that the refusal of the said officers to vacate office might have infuriated the presidency and the APC national leader­ship.

President Mohammed Buhari kinsman in the senate Senator Abu Ilbrahim was slated to serve as the deputy chief whip .

Senator Ibrahim and Lawan were seen talking in low tunes yesterday during ses­sion apparently discussing their fate.

Meanwhile there were indications that the senate president may name the chairmen of the senate standing commit­tees today when senate resume session to confirm the screened 18 ministerial nominees.

Source said that the senate president might have created additional 15 stand­ing committees bringing to a total of 69 Committees. According to him the crea­tion of additional committees was part of Saraki political move to have firm grip of the senate. Source alleged that most of the returning senators are likely to retain their committee’s chairmanship posi­tions.


– Emeka Ekpunobi, Abuja


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