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Former DG Warns Against Use Of Substandard Goods

Abbanobi-Eku Onyekachi, Abuja.
The former Director-General (DG) of Standard Organisations of Nigeria (SON), Dr Joseph Odumodu has recently warned against the continuous importation and use of expired and substandard goods in Nigeria.
The former DG lamented seriously on the danger of the use of such goods while receiving an award for performance when he was in office from Concern Citizens Parliament recently at Reiz Continental Hotel in Abuja the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).
He informed that the life span of vehicle tyres were only four years, even as he attributed most regular vehicle accidents on the country’s roads to the use of imported expired tyres. As a pharmacist of years of experience, Odumodu however added that while in office, he burnt to ashes about four containers full of expired tires in order to save lives of good citizens of Nigeria, just as he warned against the use of imported secondhand clothes, which according to him were rejected for one reason or the other.
Calling on Nigerians to help themselves, the former DG therefore informed that condemned batteries found in the gutters in all the nooks and crannies of the country contain mercury which which on turn causes cancer. He therefore commended the government on its fight against corruption and urged them to extend such to goods being imported and being used in Nigeria. Dr Odumodu also called on Nigerians to support the government in power in implantation of their programmes in order to come out with positive result.
He equally spoke on the award given to him. He said that he nearly rejected the award, thinking that it had financial implication, but was surprise to see that, that the the honor was given to him based on their judgment that he merited it. For that, Dr Joseph Odumodu therefore promised to continue to fight against the use of expired and substandard goods in Nigeria.
Reiterating on his experience when he was newly appointed as the DG, he had this to say: “When I came, I did market survey. I was able to find out that we had substandard goods, ranging from electrical, electronics, motor spare parts, among others in circulation in the country and most of them were imported. I remember that I seized about 5milliin tyres in Ladipo Auto Market in Lagos and the traders there told me that they used to settle NY people and wondered why I was different. I then told them that I came to do my job in order to save people’s lives, because every cab out there use condemned tyres and we did not know how many millions of cabs that use condemned tyres on daily bases.
‘We did not however have the statistics of how many Nigerians that die using the wrong products. And i think that it is important that we know and that is why it is said that while you pointing a finger at a person, four are pointed at you.
“So, on my assessment, I hold everybody responsible for the encouragement of the use of fake goods in Nigeria. You may be the one bringing them from abroad; you may be the one distributing them; and you may be the one buying and using them. If you refuse using them, they will not bring them into the country.
“Should we reject them as is being done in developed countries of the world, it will be a thing of the past in Nigeria. In the UK and other developed nations, substandard goods are there. But if you the seller makes them buying them, they sue you to the court and you will pay through your teeth. So let uams shun them.”
The President of the parliamentarians, Prince Raphael Clements called on all political appointees to emulate people like the awardee for the country to move to the expected level. He informed that through the resources they get from people of good wills, they have been planning for poor masses of the country through creating employment for them.

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