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Fluency In English Language Cannot Be Termed Civilisation In Nigeria , Says Prof. Sophie Oluwole

A professor of African Philosophy, Prof. Sophie Oluwole, has said that many Nigerians fluency in speaking the English language should not be acknowledged as a sign of civilisation.
Oluwole, who lectured at the University of Lagos and the Lagos State University at different times, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos.
She then urged Nigerians to embrace their indigenous culture and language to promote Nigerian cultural heritage.
The professor said that civilization in Nigeria should entail an individual’s ability to speak his or her mother-tongue instead of their placing the Western culture over the African culture.
Oluwole recalled that the English Language was only a borrowed language from the Western world, which was acquired by many Nigerians during the colonial age.
She said that Nigerian political leaders and statesmen ought to have commissioned some indigenous experts to develop distinct indigenous languages alongside the English Language after the country gained independence in 1960.
She said that such indigenous languages would have continued to project Nigerians’ cultural heritage locally and internationally.
“ This is because everything about our culture represents our origin, this should be guided with all sense of responsibility.
“ We need to attach reasonable importance to our indigenous languages and culture to ensure our origin is not traded for anything.
“ I want Nigerians to be proud of their origins and indigenous languages.
“ Some children might grow up to dislike the fact that they were not groomed in their culture, as they become novice in some aspects of the culture.
“ Parents must ensure that their children grasp every bit of their culture so that they will be able to live happily in the society,“ Oluwole said.(NAN)

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