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Flood: NEMA Monitors Water Level, States Take Pro-Active Steps

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) in the South-South Zone says it is monitoring the water level in the flood prone areas to check any adverse effect on the people and the environment.

The South-South Zonal Coordinator, National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), Mr Benjamin Oghenah, told journalists that flood situation in the zone had not reached an emergency level.

Some state governments in the south-south zone said they have taken proactive measures to check imminent flooding should the water level increase.

Oghenah said in Port Harcourt that hydrologists check the flood level in the zone three times a week.

“The flood level is raising everyday but it has not reached emergency level according to the information I received from the hydrologists that check it weekly.

“We got information that the flood level in Agenebode, Edo State has affected their farm lands; we pray that it will not get to their houses as we experience rain daily in the area.

The Coordinator expressed worry that sand and dirt had blocked the drainage system in some states in the Zone, making it impossible for rainwater to flow.

“The drains in the South-South Zone need to be maintained, to save the area from flooding; some of these drains have gone beyond the citizens.

“They don’t have tools to evacuate sand and waste from the drains and that makes it needful for government to intervene to maintain it and control flood,“ he said.

Oghenah said that those living along flood prone areas had not relocated since water level had not risen in the area, though there were speculations to that.

“States in this zone are making preparations in case there is flood though it may come or not because rain falls every day.

“Delta State has a place for people to relocate in case there is flood, Rivers is also preparing a place among others,” Oghenah said.

The Coordinator, however, commended the Rivers Government for sponsoring awareness campaigns and warning citizens against blocking drains and to be sanitation conscious.

“We are happy that the awareness is being sustained; the state government is able to sponsor a lot of jingles on air.

“ We think that the citizens will hear this and adhere to the warnings against blocking drains,” Oghenah said.

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