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FCT Plans Biennial Revalidation Of Titles

Patrick Osadebamwen, Abuja

As part of measures to eliminate multiple allocations in land administration of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja title documents maybe subjected to re-validation once in every two years to ascertain, and eliminate fake titles paraded by some developers in the city.

Acting Director of the Abuja Municipal Management Council (AMMC) Hajiya Safiya Umar gave this hint at the weekend in an interview with journalists.

According to her, the idea is being contemplated as the issue of multiple allocations of land especially amongst mass housing developers has continued to stall acceleration of building approvals by the development control department which seeks to fast track building plan approvals and ensure they do last more than three weeks.

She noted that some crooked unauthorized persons who have been in the employ of the administration but have retired may have compromised the system for their criminal benefits.

Safiya said with their knowledge and capacity of the programmes they would produce fake titles thereby creating confusion on the authentic allottees of such areas with duplicate titles owners but with the biennial validation of titles, these activities would be easily nipped.

She noted that the development control, one of the agency under the purview of the AMMC in the management of the city development does not have the number of men required to police the FCT but noted that laws such as biennial revalidation and possible freezing of development in parts of the city would enable the administration make efficient management of the city’s development.

Explaining the need to freeze some parts of the city, Safiya said that if the administration freezes some parts of the city that records high defaulters in development it would enable the authorities to focus on fewer areas and complete their work there before redirection their attention to such areas.

She noted that most times developers parade fake titles and begin illegal development across the city because of the limited manpower to check mate their activities but when the FCT. Freeze areas like Lugbe any developer who goes there to build during the period would clearly be in breach and would bear the full consequences of such action.

Her words: “You see the revalidation of allocations is an idea being conceived, we are still working on it to see how it can be actualize it because of the multiple allocations that have council is facing in the process of building plan approval which is one of the major hindrance and delay in the processing of building plan approval.

“Most Title documents that the developers hold ‎in their hands seems to be having multiple allocations. Without clearing that we will appear to be doing nothing rather than just compounding the problems.

“So we are thinking along that line. It is just a thinking and we started discussing how we can fashion it out and pass it across to the authority viz a viz the fact that most allocations in Lugbe, in Kubwa and other area Councils are being carried out by past zonal officers that have left the service.

“We kept seeing allocations dated back to 1996, 1998, how will you ascertain the genuity of such papers and in the process of trying to ascertain the genuity of such papers we spend ample time in trying to get that and most times we found out that there are other allocations that have surfaced maybe in 2000, 2005, 2006.

“So how do we address this without a re-validation? This is what compels our thinking for re-validation and deal with the issues at their very roots,” the AMMC boss stated.

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