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Fayose Dares Buhari To Invade Ekiti

Governor Ayo Fayose Says President Muhammadu Buhari’s Only Achievement In 100 Days Is Harrassment Of Past Officials Of The Jonathan Administration And PDP Leaders

If operatives of the Department of State Security (DSS) got away with the invasion of Akwa Ibom State
Government House last Thursday, it will not achieve same in Ekiti State, says Governor Ayo Fayose.

Insisting that the invasion was a violation of the constitutional rights of the Akwa Ibom state government, Fayose, who said he had information on planned invasion of the state by the Lawal Daura’s DSS, warned that any such action would meet resistance from Ekiti people.

Speaking yesterday in a statement, he personally signed and titled ‘Buhari’s 100 days and invasion of Akwa Ibom
Government House: My Position’, Governor Fayose said: “The major sore-point of the 100 days of President Buhari is the last Thursday invasion of the Akwa Ibom State Government House by armed men of the DSS.“Nigeria is a Federation, with 36 States Federating Units and in a federation, the component states are in some sense sovereign.

“Therefore, what happened in Akwa Ibom Government House last Thursday was clearly a government (FG) authorizing the invasion of another government (State Government).

Even during the dark days of the military, it never happened in Nigeria. “The invasion of Akwa Ibom State Government House by armed men of the DSS deserves condemnation from all men of goodwill, including State governors.

It was Akwa Ibom last week; it could be the turn of any other governor irrespective of political party tomorrow. “Today, we are also being informed that it will soon be the turn of Ekiti State. We await Alhaji Lawal Daura’s men, but we assure him that Ekiti people will always rise to defend their government”.

Stating further his position on other burning issues, Fayose said “as at today, the only achievement recorded by the President Buhari’s government is the harassment of leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and those perceived as not on the same political page with the president in his party”.

“Former President Goodluck Jonathan, and those who worked with him as well as PDP governors and leaders are now targets of harassment, and by  this, the president is telling Nigerians that it does not pay to be honourable. Dr Goodluck Jonathan was honourable enough to allow a peaceful transition and conceded to the president even though it was obvious that his victory was questionable.

Visiting such a person and those who worked with him with persecution as being done now, is no doubt a sad reminder of the reason we have many sit-tight leaders in Africa. “Interestingly, some of those who worked with Dr. Goodluck Jonathan that the APC called thieves are now being appointed to manage the affairs of international organisations like the World Bank and African Development Bank”.

Expressing concern over President Buhari’s actions in polarizing Nigeria along ethnic divides with his appoint
ments which he described as “lopsided”, the Ekiti state governor stated that “appointments made have shown the president’s insensitivity to the ethnic diversity of Nigeria and contempt for the Constitution of the country”.

He argued that “the South-East has been totally neglected as if the likes of Dr Ogbonnaya Onu, who was earlier touted as the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, and others in the region, do not merit appointments”

Describing the descent as “unacceptable”, Gov. Fayose stated that the “appointment of Buharis’s in-law, Mrs Amina Zakari as Acting Chairperson of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC); APC member, Alhaji Lawal Daura as Director General of the Department of State Service (DSS) and Col. Hameed Ibrahim Ali (rtd) as the Comptroller-General Nigeria Customs Service, clearly violated the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria”.

Stating his views on the President’s anti-corruption crusade, the governor who said he is totally in support of actions taken so far to redress the problem of corruption in the country said however that “corruption can neither be fought along political party lines nor through the media”.

“What is being witnessed presently as fight against corruption is mere noise-making, witch-hunt and harassment of perceived political opponents of the President. This is more so that most of the political allies of the President and those who sponsored his election are also being accused of corruption and the president is looking the other way”, he stated.

Fayose insisted that “the Halliburton bribery scandal must be revisited”.

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