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Fashola Seeks Image Boost With TREM Lecture

Immediate past governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babatunde Fashola says at Bishop Mike Okonkwo’s lecture that good governance is purpose for which a government can legitimately exist.

Embattled immediate past governor of Lagos state, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, has said that good governance was purpose which a government can legitimately exist.

Fashola, who as governor in Lagos awarded a contract for the upgrade of his personal website for N78.3million as well as awarded contracts for the installation of two boreholes at Lagos House, Alausa for N139million, delivered the 16th annual Bishop Mike Okonkwo lecture series titled ‘The Nigerian Political Class And The Citizens For Good Governance’ at the MUSON centre Lagos yesterday.

He said that the purpose of government was to provide good governance to majority of the people adding that any government that could not provide good governance to the majority of the citizens does not legitimately exist.

“The test of good polices and extension of good governance should be on whether it brings the greatest good to the greatest number of majority in terms of their welfares, safety and security and not whether it brings the greatest good to every members of the society”, he said. According to him, the real issue in government was providing good governance to the majority since not everybody will all the time accept the policy of the government as being for the good of the people.

He argued that what represents the common good as the driver of the good governance is not a matter of essay agreement as some people will always differ on what is good governance and common good depending on their interest and basis. He said, ordinarily, the delivering of public good in large quantity as aggregate of good governance should be the basis for electing a government or party back to office, but that has not been the case in the country over the years.

Fashola said that to some people what is good governance is the sponsorship of some people to Hajj and Jerusalem by the good of the day. “Some people have even argued that they preferred to have their services monetized and government should stop the provision of the social amenities to the people”, he stated. “Instead of building schools, hospital, power plants, refineries, roads, bridges, jetties and life enabling infrastructure , the proponents of this strange thinking do nothing for four years and thereabouts”, he added.

According to him those who could not provide for good governance resort to distribution of money, rice, kerosene and stoves adding that “these they said have direct response to the infrastructure of the stomach”. The former governor said, while he was a governor of the state, he strived to provide good governance to majority of the people, citing one of the policies to saving lives through the restriction of motorcycle to some areas of the state. He said at one point, the state government was receiving monthly report of at least 15 deaths and 600 accidents from government hospitals and increased bank robberies through use of motorcycles.

According to him, at a time, a young medical doctor was shot death on Ikorodu road and was impossible to track the robbers because they simply hopped onto motorcycles on the other side of the road and ran way. He said, after proper evaluation, government decided to amend the traffic law to restrict rider of motorcycles to 47 roads against the 10,000 roads in Lagos state.

The former governor also said that a major condition for the democracy was the participation of the people in the affairs of the government which translates to good governances. In his address Bishop Okonkwo said Nigerians need to guard against corruption because it is a major ill against the provision of good governance in the country.


-Titus Eleweke

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