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El-Rufai Vs Sani: Dramatizing Avoidance at Public Lecture

Idibia Gabriel in Kaduna reports on the continuation by proxy of the tiff between Governor Nasir el-Rufai of Kaduna State and Senator Shehu Sani

For those familiar with the terrain and lingering story, its no longer news that Kaduna State Governor Malam Nasir El-Rufai and Senator Shehu Sani had been having disagreements in the public over governance issues. But none expected the differences to linger as shown by what took place in Kaduna during the week.

Governor El-rufai was conspicuously absent at a public lecture which took place in the state during the week for obvious reasons because his public enemy number one, Senator Shehu Sani, representing Kaduna Central Senatorial District, was the Chairman of the occasion.

The governor who was to serve as Special guest of honour at the 2nd Annual Law Week’s Public Lecture 2015 of the Law Students Association of Nigeria (LAWSAN) National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), Kaduna study centre, was neither represented at the public lecture which took place on Wednesday. ‎

Senator Sani, too, who had earlier sent in one of his aides comrade Nasir Abbas to stand in for him, came in thereafter and personally delivered his speech and chaired the public lecture when the coast was apparently clear that the governor would be absent.

Briefing newsmen at the close of the lecture, Senator Sani on the absence of the governor at the occasion, he said “I don’t know ‎why he is not in attendance or sent a representative, it is possible he might not have even seen the invitation but if he has seen the invitation and refuse to come or send a representative, I think it is being very rude and disrespecting to these students who are within his area.

Earlier, the law students had on Tuesday embarked on an endurance trek in solidarity with President Muhammadu Buhari’s anti corruption war which ‎commenced at the NEPA round about through the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Kaduna state council secretariat and terminated at the Sir Kashim Ibrahim House, Government House, where they were received by the Special Adviser to the Governor on Legal Matters Mohammed Sani, on behalf of the governor. ‎

Speaking further during the lecture, Sani said that privatization is a capitalist invention tp defraud the people of their inheritance and legacies. He said, “privatization is said to be a strategy to disengage the government and enable the private sector take control of our economy and our collective structures.

In Nigeria, privatization is a systematic way of dispossessing Nigerians of their collective properties and auctioning it to elites that are within the corridors of powers or fronts of those who are in power.

‘Privatisation has not been able to help our country and advance us economically, all it has done is to dispossess our collective property and hand it over to a band of parasites who have benefited from Nigerians economic inequity.‎

“The governor made a remarks and I read somewhere in the papers that the unity schools should be privatised‎, I think this is condemnable, unity schools were not established to make money, they were established to strengthen our unity as a nation and to also provide complimentary education service to the states.

‘They were not economic institutions‎ for making money unlike someone like him who is an old time conservative bushes and a proponent of a mere colonialisms capitalist ideas will always advocate that our properties should be sold to private individuals which is very unfortunate.

‘If he want to sell Kaduna schools, he is the governor he can go and do it but federal government colleges are not for sale and it is not for money bags , money bags should learn to build their schools and own their schools. ‘He is a governor without human face, he is a governor without sympathy for the poor, his plans of governance is that in which the rich will be enriched and the poor will be dispossessed. ‎

‘His own ideology which he profess is the foundation which has consistently undermine Nigeria socio-economic and political advancement. ‘You can’t be talking this time of selling our collective property, look at what is happening in Abuja, all the houses that is supposed to be used ‎by legislators were memorized and now many legislators have to find themselves where to stay.

‘The Jonathan administration sold the official residence of the Senate President and Speaker of the House of Representatives who are number 3 and 4 citizens of this country who now have to live in their house and entertain foreign dignitaries in their private homes.

‘The mistake was realised and they went ahead to rebuild another and now we don’t have money to build another one, so privatization is the criminal disenfranchisement of the Nigerian masses, privatization is a robbery of the Nigerian collective masses, privatization is a pillar of the capitalist idea to disposes our collective properties and hand it over to a rent seeking and parasitic elements always within the corridors of power It would be recalled also that there has been several reports of an alleged cold war between the governor and the Senator‎ who tend to disagree on so many issues.

The senator had accused the governor of running anti- masses policies while the governor through some of his aides had accused the Senator of undermining the activities of the governor to score cheap political gains.

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