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Eight Fake Optometrists Arrested In Lagos

Xavier Ndanyongmong

The Registrar of Optometrists and Dispencing Opticians Registration Board of Nigeria, in conjunction with the police and Minister of Health raided some areas on Lagos Island and arrested 8 suspected fake optometrists.

The Vice Chairman of Nigeria Optometrists Association, Lagos State chapter, Dr John Sedi, who confirmed the arrest, said that some eye glasses and some equipment for optometrists were recovered.

He said that the raid was one way to save many Nigerians eyes from being damage, and also to sensitized public of the danger in patronizing quacks.

Sedi said that the raid would be a continuous exercise, expressing sadness over large number of people patronising quacks, urging the public to always patronise genuine optometrists.

“Many people said it is too expensive to go to an eye doctor, but at the end of the day, when their eyes case become worse, they pay more money to genuine optometrist.

“Sometimes, there is little we can do to remedy the problems. We discovered that fake optometrists treat people and dispence drugs, which always damage people eyes, Sedi noted.

He said that eight suspects arrested would be investigated by the police and prosecutes those culpable.

The Registrar of the board, Prof. Ebere Uzodike said that 10 percent of blindness in Nigeria was caused by the use of fake eye glasses.

Uzodike said that the raid became necessary in view of the damage the quacks had done on innocent public daily and the profession, lamenting that fake optometrists were many around Lagos Island, particularly, Tinubu Square area.

“This raid is a major step to check quackery in

Optometric profession in Lagos State. We have carried out similar raids in Edo and Imo states.

“Many blindness in Nigeria today, at least, 10 percent, are caused by the use of fake recommended glasses. We want to help the masses to secure their eyes,” she said.

Ozodike said that the exercise was being carried out in conjunction with the police, Ministry Health and Lagos chapter of the association.

Some eye glass frame sellers in the area commended the board and police for the raid, stressing that the exercise was overdue.

One of the sellers, who simply identified himself as Seyi said that some untrained persons in the area were dispensing drugs and providing recommended glasses to patients.

“There should be regular of such raid in many places in Lagos. Many people are losing their sight due to wrong treatment by these quacks,” Seyi noted

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