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Economist Urges Creation Of Special Loan Scheme For Women

An economist, Dr. Daniel Tsafa has urged financial institutions and the Benue state government to create a special loan scheme for women entrepreneurs to enhance their participation in business.

Tsafa who made this known in an interview with THE UNION in Makurdi the Benue state capital said there was need to empower women financially to enable them become self reliant.

He described women as good financial managers by the way they handle family funds, noting that if women are availed the opportunity to have such loans they will ensure that it is judiciously utilised.

According to Tsafa increase participation of women would enable them to be gainfully engaged just as it would boost both the state and country’s economy.

“Financial empowerment of women is critical in enhancing development as it would give them the ability to invest and create job opportunities as well as train their children not only in education but how to manage business, resulting to a multiplier effect” he maintained.

He appealed that, the special loan should be given with less than five percent interest without collateral to encourage wide participation.

“Women are very prudent in management of resources and a good number of them through trading and other small businesses are gradually becoming bread winners of their families, therefore a soft loan scheme for them with low interests will help improve not only the family economy but that of the state and country at large,” he noted.


– John Shiaondo, Makurdi

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