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E‎lectricity Tariff: NECAN Kicks Against Increase

Dyepkazah Shibayan, Abuja
Electricity stakeholders in the country, Particularly the Nigeria Electricity Consumers Advocacy Network (NECAN) on Wednesday kicked against the proposed plan by the Nigerian Electricity Regulation Commission (NERC) to increase tariff on electricity.
This is following a meeting held between the ad hoc committee on Electricity Tariff and Billings of the House of Representatives, NERC, NECAN and other major stakeholders.
Chairman of the ad hoc committee, Rep. Babajimi Benson In a statement issued by himself said that each group expressed their respective positions on issues of billings and infrastructure as it applies in the country. ‎
According to the statement, while NERC as the regulator made a case for tariff increase, Discos made a case for a cost reflective to sustain and enable them expand and improve on service delivery.
It also said NECAN made a case against tariff hike on the premise that such increase will further reduce the purchasing power of individual consumers and affect profitability of businesses.
“We are reviewing all the relevant  documents provided alongside our engaged consultants at the same time analysing the proposed tariff review in consultation with NERC, TCN and Bulk Traders to ascertain the basis of MYT0 2015 tariff model”.
“We assure that a fact based outcome of our investigation will a fair balance to all stakeholders and we shall submit our report within 14 days“.
It was also revealed that the proposed increase is about 17percent for  Residential Consumers (RC 2) which consists  of 86percent of the entire residents in the Federal Capital Territory, FCT
Heavy consumers of electricity such as manufacturing companies  are expected to pay almost 50percent of what they presently pay and the percentage of those in this category is 0 .6 percent in the FCT.
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