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Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu And His Saintly Statements

In the past two weeks Orji Uzor kalu has been in the news and desires to continue in his change Mantra leadership of the Igbo Race. In my life I am not fantastical at praising people and I am not given to financial attributes especially the Nigerian Wealth instances.

I am hard at saying it that all Nigerians are corrupt including unborn Nigerians and I am the most corrupt person in the World because I am a Nigerian.

I am an Igbo Man to the core but not of the later Igbos who are pecuniary drowned who only profess and worship ill gotten Wealth.

In those days in my Mbieri Clan if a young man leaves his village and goes to town most prominently Lagos or Port Harcourt and incidentally makes fast money and comes back with it, and probably buys a Raligh bicycle when he was not ripe to do so his family will reject him and may not wish to partake in anything he invested the money  into and that was the Mbieri man of yester years.

Except for Chief Orji Uzor Kalu and his bed fellows, I do not envisage anything good in the Administration of President Buhari, all I know is that he has a hidden Agenda and they are linged on successful implementation of Usman Danfodio’s conquest which the Eastern Nigerians are the only obstacle and the control of the Petroleum sector to assuage the situations of his Fulani kinsmen Chief Orji Uzor Kalu is a fast track business man and his high profile growth is routed to the Fulanis and Bornu State in North Eastern States of Nigeria. He believes in them and came to prominence through deals connected through them.

How can the Igbos benefit more from President Buhari’s Government and what does Uzor Kalu mean by this? It is only fools that are from foolish and beggerish families or slaves of Igbo extraction that can raise hopes in the present Administration.

The Igbos are not the Almajaris and of course an Igbo man is an Igboman like my brother, and a son like his father Mr. Nnamdi Kanu, the Onye Igbo Dika Nwabeke.

Chief Orji Uzor Kalu is stll bitter that EFCC interviewed him over common Wealth of the People of Abia State in his eight years in office as the Governor of the state and still he had the affront of asking Buhari to extremely punish those who looted the Treasury why the bitterness with former President Olusegun Obansanjo.

The same statesman could not advise his friend that issues of misuse of funds are better treated after entering results of enquiries. No one can prosecute and fail anyone without first exhausting investigations and proofs of culpabilities yet his friend proudly told the international Press in London recently that the culprits are now behind Bars.

We are yet to be told about the incidence that led to Dasuikigate and how the US $ 2.1 Billion got into his hands for disbursement. My argument is that neither Dasuki nor President Goodluck Jonathan was Defence or Finance Minister at that time. Secondly, when did President Buhari set up a probe Panel for that course and who were the members of the Panel and when were they inaugurated and the Probe reported to the Presidence and sent his consequent arrest by the DSS.

I still want to find out from Orji Uzor Kalu if he cares what he meant by President Goodluck Jonathan’s 2015 Campaign fund and what useful realization will EFCC achieve from the probing of the said fund, did the Campaign Organization complain to the EFCC or the PDP as a party make any reports of any missing money from the fund.

I am very sure that President Buhari has not probed Jonathan’s Administration and Buhari also ran an effective Campaign with Fund and how did he raise it when he claimed he had no money. I am not saying that President Goodluck Jonathan is sacrosanct but those acts may be very distractive. If President Buhari’s mission is designed to address corruption then he, must scheme up a plan. One cannot stop corruption without identifying the causes of corruption and how to prevent them. You cannot stop a thief by only seizing his assets or money he stole without addressing his route and the need for him to see the ills in the practice.

There is no politician that can steal or loot Government funds without Civil / Public Servant’s connivance and ofcourse serious backing.

Chief Orji Uzor Kalu cannot be talking of cleaning up the system when his house is just two filthy, if he insists on helping Buhari to recover loots or assets of dubious politician maybe because he was in the system or he may wish to apply gossips as to shield actual perpetrators.

There are hard facts on wealth acquisitions in Nigeria wealthy men and most often their finance sources are doubtful, there are financial sharp practices that are not actually Advanced Fee Fraud, and those who were lucky by instances of coverages may not be faulting others. I do not mean to say that there are no professional class that through professional prowess and excellence have come to lime light, there exists this class and I bow for these Nigerians as they are not noise makers and finally I wish to urge Chief Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu that he should approach relationship with Mr. President and not to bring the Igbo Tribe in-between as our adage says “ANAGHI AMU AMARA N’ NKA”

As I was trying to end up this article on the unguarded utterances of the former Governor of Abia State and his sycophantic support and praises to the Buhari Administration, I have also read the comments of one Eze Thomas Obiefule of Umudioka Orlu in Imo State.

I am tired of these noise makers that call themselves Eze Ndigbo or Traditional Highness who are just integrity reducing men. I however, do not blame them but the communities that sold these undeserved honours to them.

Traditional Rulers are supposed to be men of honour and high pedigree not mere petty traders who grew within the limits of their capabilities.  I am an advocate of existing DYNASTIES but our Governor who do not have a grounded background have dented our Traditional stool it is now anyone’s market as he even select and impose slaves as Traditional Rulers.

The said Traditional Politician could not have commented on the Fuel hike mess of the present Federal Government. The Economy of the Country is that of the masses and Fuel subsidy is a cushioning introduction. If the Petroleum Sector has grown effectively there could not have been any need for fuel subsidy, we could have had more than Thirty (30) Standard Refineries in Nigeria and PMS and other products could have been surplus to earn foreign revenues from export of the products including petrochemicals for rural industrialization.

The problems of Nigerians are that they do not keep records and we have lost our historic relevance. If the hike in fuel price has affected the local economy then those who conceived it are worst enemies of the masses. If in Nigeria with its food abundance our common food GARRI has become American Longrain Rice or Basmati Rice meant for elilist class of a cost of Two cups of Garri for ₦100 (one Hundred Naira), the end is your guess.

Time has come to put serious considerations to track records before assigning responsibilities to our public office Seekers. A Traditional Ruler who is confident in himself may not turn errand officers to Governors and Presidents.

The OBA’s and EMIRS from Dynasties cannot cheapen themselves as our petty traders types of Traditional Rulers who keep on singing sycophantic praises to earn little stipends. Those who live in Glass Houses should not throw stones, the removal of Fuel subsidy is an evil wind, the timing was bad at a time Mr. President could not scheme out remedial measures to grow an Economy which got to its highest height before his accidental entry into the Villa. The duo of Chief Dr. Orji Uzor kalu and Eze Thomas Obiefule are same bed fellows and should not speak for the Igbo Race or the Nigerian Masses in this dangerous state of Nigeria.




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