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Don’t Torture, Harass Lagos Residents, Ambode Warns LASTMA, VIO, KAI

Emmanuel Ukudolo

Lagos State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode has called on law enforcement officers in the state to desist from further harassment of residents. Ambode who was meeting with officials of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) and Kick Against Indiscipline (KAI) and Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIO) said he wants them to project a good image of themselves as the new face of government. “If you do good, the entire accolade will come to me, but if you do bad, I will get all the condemnation”, he said and advised the officers to be civil in their approach to duty.

The governor frowned at a situation where law enforcement officers jump into vehicles of individuals in the quest for enforcement adding that they could take photographs, and deploy other technology without molesting residents who voted him into power. “I don’t want officers that will torture my citizens. They may be offenders but don’t torture them.

Don’t jump into their cars to enforce arrest. This is where you have to be creative and use technology in the implementation of the law. For now, no harassment. “I don’t want VIO to arrest vehicles for two long. A car you arrest for two days, which is a means of livelihood to the offender, is a loss to our GDP. “KAI officers must also go back to the streets, because we still say no to street trading. But don’t harass them. You are law enforcement officers, not harassment officers. We all have to ensure a new Lagos.

Once you do this, I will protect you and ensure your welfare,” Ambode said, stressing that people must be happy with their actions which must make Lagos a better place. “I want positive change, which I promised, let the people feel the impact of good governance”, he appealed and said what he wants in Lagos is nothing but free flow of traffic. “You will henceforth be the new faces of the government.

Anything you do is on my account as my representative in the public. So, I want a LASTMA and KAI that will execute my promise to Lagosians, which is to make life simpler and make Lagosians happier,” he said. Ambode noted that the feedback from the public were complaints on worsened traffic gridlock, which the agencies must immediately rise to address.

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