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Dogara Presents 8th Legislative Agenda, Inaugurates 3 Committees

Dyepkazah Shibayan, Abuja

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara yesterday presented for consideration a drafted legislative agenda for the 8th House. Giving a synopsis of the legislative agenda on the floor of the House, Dogara stated that the agenda was not only garnered on experiences of the 7th House but was a way of consolidating on the gains of the previous House. “This Legislative Agenda takes lessons from the experiences of the 7th House of Representatives and seeks to consolidate the gains and achievements thereof.

The House recognises that there remains widespread citizens distrust of public institutions and government generally. “It is also recognised that there is a lot of public misconception and misperception about the functions and contributions of the legislature to Nigeria’s overall socio-economic and political development. “The House commits to playing its part in rescuing Nigeria from the clutches of hunger, poverty, disease, social, economic, political and infrastructural quagmire, “the Speaker told his colleagues in plenary.

Contained in the agenda is the legislative NEEDS assessment which the Speaker explained that it will determine judiciously find out the proper cost of running the legislative arm of government to enable it play its constitutionally assigned responsibilities.

Also presented in the legislative agenda is the E – Parliament which the Speaker said, “E-voting will be used regularly during voting to properly reflect voting records of Members and parliamentary accountability” Other programmes included in the legislative agenda includes; National Assembly Communication, Review of National Budgetary Process, National Economy and Development, Priority Legislation, Anti – Corruption, Constitution Reform Process amongst others.

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