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Disaster Mgt: NEMA Pledges Collaboration With Ghana, Others

The Director-General, National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), Mr Muhammad. Sani-Sidi, has pledged to strengthen collabora­tion with Ghana and other countries within the region on disaster management.

Sani-Sidi made this known yesterday in Abuja when Amb. Usman Mi- jima, Deputy High Com­missioner of Ghana to Nigeria, visited the agency.

According to him, Nige­ria was ready and willing to share the experiences gained over the years in successful disaster man­agement.

”Because of the pecu­liar circumstances that we have found ourselves, we have been able to really build our capacity to man­age some of these emerg­ing disasters that occur in this country.

” Disaster management is very expensive and we have been able to acquire some assets to manage di­sasters and these assets are available to our brothers and sisters within West Af­rican countries.

” A couple of years ago, we sent some of our per­sonnel to Gambia to assist in setting up the Gambian Emergency Agency.

”Right now we are preparing to send some of our personnel to Libe­ria to assist the country in setting up their National Emergency Management Agency.

”What we expect is to share experiences and best practices within the region and explore other means of strengthening other agen­cies of government ’’ Sani- Sidi said.

He said that the issue of terrorism was a big chal­lenge as the agency was saddled with the responsi­bility of managing over 2.1 million displaced persons as a result of insurgency.

Sani-Sidi said the Boko Haram insurgency would soon be a thing of the past as the military and other security agencies had re­gained most of the com­munities captured by the violent sect.

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