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Delta: Okowa Decries Borrowing-For-Salary

Omos Oyinbode, Asaba

Amidst a tumultuous crowd, Senator Ifeanyi Okowa, the newly sworn in Governor of Delta State, took a critical look at the economy of Nigeria and said the economy is in dire straits as a result of the dwindling prices of oil, hence the government resorts to borrowing to pay workers’ salaries.

Okowa said though the challenges are real, diverse and complex, it behooves the government to make hard choices and take tough decisions that are imperative for the prosperity and welfare of the people of Nigeria, stating that the need to diversify the economy and reduce over dependence on oil has become urgent so as to fulfill promises made to Nigerians.

He said considering the downturn in the economy which could be a blessing in disguise, all political appointees should hold their offices and function should the offices for the right reasons, insisting that the fear of God should be uphold in the conduct of daily government activities.

According to him, “the future we all seek has no room for parochial interests and selfish ambitions, it is for mutual cooperation and benevolent spirit that recognizes and caters for the yearnings and aspirations of the Nigerian citizens. I am ready to lead as your Governor but Deltans must be willing to commit themselves to the new order, an era of love for all, where the good of all takes precedence over the gain of one.

“We desire a state where peace and justice reign. We must therefore be prepared to be fair and equitable in all our actions.

I pledge to be honourable and accountable in all my actions and call on Deltans who, by God’s grace, find themselves in government to do same or be shown the way out.

If we must lead in service, our hearts must glow with love for our people”. Okowa, who itemized five   point agenda for the state, said his administration has a line of programme which is basically to enthrone a legacy of prosperity and wealth for all Deltans, stating that his government would dwell on employment generation, a flourishing agriculture, effective health and education system, renewed urban infrastructure and enhanced security to bolster economic growth and development.

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