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Confidence Of Nigerians Will Rise Soon – Buhari

Dyepkazah Shibayan, Abuja

The President elect, Gen Muhammadu Buhari yesterday stated that in the next four years Nigerians will be able to raise their heads in confidence due to achievements his administration will record. Buhari stated this when he received a delegation from Taraba state who paid him a congratulatory visit in Abuja. “In the next four years Nigerians will confidently raised their heads up in confidence, “he said.

The President Elect said that he was able to win the elections because Nigerians believed and supported him adding that he is not that resourceful to buy the hearts of the people who made sure their votes counted. According to him, the year 2015 will go down in the Nigerian political history as a glorious year due to the outcome of the just concluded general elections.

He also encouraged the Taraba state, All Progressive Congress (APC) candidate, Aisha Alhassan not to give up on the way the elections went in her state adding that he hopes that she succeeds in the course of time. Speaking earlier, Aisha Alhassan said that the people of Taraba are in full support of the incoming Buhari administration adding that the “GMB” brand name already con notes hope and future for Nigeria.

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