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Cleric Calls For Prayers To Avert Earthquake

Yetunde Oladejo, Osogbo

A call has gone to the Federal Government to declare a day for praise worship to God in order to avert an impending earthquake in the country. Evangelist Funke Olusesi stated this in Osogbo during a visit to the Osun NUJ Correspondents’ Chapel.

She said a special day should be dedicated to only praise to God in all the states of the federation to avert the disaster. Olusesi who said that God had passed the message to her to be delivered to Nigerians in a dream, urged government to immediately take action so as not to expose the country to the impending disaster.

The evangelist who is a member of The Apostolic Church, Iroye Assembly, Ilesa said “ I was sleeping in the night when God woke me up and directed me to pass a message to Nigerians that an earthquake is going to occur in one of the states in Nigeria.

God did not show me the state but he said that the government should set aside a special day to praise. “The one day programme should be devoted to praise God and the disaster will be averted. That is the message God gave to me to deliver to all Nigerians,” she said. Olusesi who said that she has been receiving punishment for refusing to heed the spiritual call stated that the message has been making her to be uncomfortable because she had been reluctant to deliver the message and did not know how she would convey the message to the people in authority.

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