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Buhari Seeks Global Action Against Terrorism

…Says ISIL Threat To World Peace

President Muhammadu Buhari, yesterday at the United Nation Summit, urged world leaders to strengthen efforts against terror by identifying and cutting off it sources of funds and discouraging young people from being recruited into Al- Quaida, ISIL and Boko Haram.

Buhari while speaking at the “Global Leaders Summit on Countering ISIL and Extremism” organized by President Barack Obama of the United States, noted that the threats posed by these organization, continue to be of extreme danger to any nations of the world.

The President noted also that ISIL is a serious threat to international peace and security and should be treated as such, adding that “there can be no half measures or expedient solutions in dealing with terrorists and extremists” “They respect no laws, and have no regard to the sanctity of lives and property.

They operate outside law and must be seen for what they are and dealt with appropriately” The President who regretted that the demanding enlistment process and the legal framework institute by the United Nations has failed to stem enlistment into terrorist groups, called for a more efforts to curtail recruitment of young people into the terriers fold “Given that the acceptance process for recruits into the ranks of ISIL involves rigorous vetting and screening as well as sponsorship known as “tazkiya”; our expectation was that the demanding enlistment process coupled with the legal framework instituted by the United Nations would stem the tide of their flow.

Apparently this is not yet happening.” “The increase in violence and terrorism by ISIL and other groups has enticed and emboldened insurgent groups in Africa to pledge allegiance to gain local traction. The Boko Haram terrorist group, operating in the Lake Chad Basin area, which is currently on the Al-Qaida sanctions list, pledged its allegiance to ISIL in March 2015.”

“While we believe that Boko Haram action is an indication of the weakening operational capability of the group, it could also suggest that it was a strategic move to attract foreign fighters into its fold, and obtain assistance from ISIL. Certainly, whatever the reason was for the declaration of allegiance, one thing is certain: Boko Haram terrorist group wants to be drawn into the centre stage of global terrorism.”

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