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South African Train Crash

BREAKING: South African Train Derail, Injures 300

Adjekpagbon Blessed Mudiaga

About 300 people sustained injuries due to the collision of two trains near Johannesburg city in South Africa, on Friday evening.

According to an update by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), paramedics said the crash took place close to Booysens station south of Johannesburg at about 18:30 local time (16:30 GMT).

The report says a spokesperson for ER24 paramedic service said some of the injuries were serious but there have been no casualties. What led to the collision is still unclear. The injured were taken to hospital while paramedics treated others at the scene.

“We are seeing things like soft tissue injuries, and more serious issues like spinal injuries and fractures and breaks,” a paramedic said. “The cause of the crash is currently under investigation… but we do know two trains collided and one was partially derailed.”

However, Johannesburg emergency services said that fire crews were still searching for commuters who may be trapped inside the carriages, while speculative reports said a moving train may have collided with a stationery one.


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