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Bogoro, Ex-TETFund Boss, Bags Excellence Award

Charity Simon, Abuja

Former Executive Secretary of Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund), Prof. Suleiman Bogoro, has tasked African leaders to support the less privileged.

Bogoro, who made the call in Abuja after receiving the prestigious African Achievers Award of Excellence, stressed that the continent would experience more breakthroughs if its leaders cater for the needs of the less privileged.

“I believe that if in Africa, our leaders support the less privileged, we will be united in conquering the greatest hindrances to the advancement of Africa and we will have more news about breakthroughs rather than the woes and poverty,” he said.

The Professor of Animal Science, who served as the executive secretary of TETFund for two years, noted that children of less privileged background were unable to finance their education even in public institutions.

He said the federal government refocused TETfund to carry out interventions only in public tertiary institutions to support the less privileged, as the institutions are mainly attended by children of the less privileged.

“In TETFund, our law permits intervention only for public tertiary institutions, and do not forget that is where we have majority of the less privileged.

“It is for this reason and the reflection of a reality in this country where we know children of the less privileged are unable to go to school and finance themselves even in public tertiary institutions, not to talk about the basic level.

“Remember that they have counted up to 10 million that are out of school and many of them cannot actually support themselves.

Speaking on his award of excellence, he said the organisers took into cognizance some of his development activities, especially at the public service level over the last two years when he was the executive secretary of TETFund.

Bogoro said as always, he still holds the vision that true the financial support of TETFund for public tertiary institutions in Nigeria, the country will be able to make its institutions compete with the very best in the world.

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