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Benue Alleged Wife Battery: Suswam Threatens Court Action

John Shiaondo, Makurdi

Former State Governor, Gabriel Suswam has threatened court action against media organisations that published an article alleging that he was involved in wife battery and arrested by the police in UK.

Speaking to newsmen yesterday on phone from the US where he said he was holidaying with his family, Suswam said he had decided, that he must get to the root of how the falsehood was cooked and passed to the media. He insisted that he would institute a liable suit against all media houses including blogs that maligned him with what he described as “cooked story”.

The former governor stated that he had already instructed his lawyers back home and they have given him a feedback noting that they have already written to the media houses involved and asked them to retract the piece of lie, failure to which other legal actions would follow.

“I value the media and as you can see, throughout my political life, I have taken the media as my best friends. I relate cordially with you because I know your importance and capacity to nation building. I have never undermined the media and do not think I will start now.” “But on this matter, I have decided that I must get to the root of where and how the cooked falsehood came to the media”.

He denied the allegation that he was involved in any fisticuffs with his wife anywhere and was arrested. Suswam said the report lacked all the tenets of balance reportage arguing also that there was nothing near a fact in the story.

He wondered why some “reputable media outfits cheaply be allowed to be manipulated by vicious politician who are at the moment desperate to tarnish his image with the obvious intention to bury his political  profile.

Mrs. Suswam who also spoke said she was amazed that her husband that have never raised his hand on her not even at the time he was always carrying the enormous pressure of the exalted office on his shoulders would do an “unimaginable” as alleged in the story.

The immediate past Governor lamented spate of blackmail in the polity and noted that he was living peacefully with his wife.

It would be recalled that only last week, the media was crammed with a story of how Suswam was arrested in the UK and fined about £5,000 for wife battery and could be facing about six months in jail.

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