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AUMTCO Urges Demarcation Of BRT Lanes On FCT Roads


The Abuja Urban Mass Trans­port Company (AUMTCO) has appealed to relevant authori­ties to demarcate Bus Rapid Tran­sit (BRT) lanes on FCT roads for efficient transportation.

Mr Tunde Akintola, AUMTCO’s Head, Marketing & Com­munication, made the appeal in an interview with journalists in Abuja.

BRT allows for dedicated mass transportation to travel on exclusive lanes and thereby avoid traffic.

”Mass transport system can­not be run effectively without the necessary, basic infrastructure in  place, like dedicated BRT lanes to serve the population.

”This factor and some other external factors make the environ­ment not too conducive for mass transport operation in Abuja.

”Considering the nature of Abuja, a one-way traffic dedi­cated lanes will go a long way to increase the number of runs a particular bus will make in a day, particularly during rush hours.’’

Akintola also called for the provision of adequate bus ter­minals and the enforcement of existing transport regulation in the territory. He stressed that the infrastructure would boost mass transport efficiency in the terri­tory.


 – Pascal Emeka, Abuja

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