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ANAMBRA : Tension In Adazi-Nnukwu Community Over Succession

Tension is gradually building- up in Adazi-Nnukwu Community, Anaocha Local Government Area of the state as a section of the community that make-up the three clans of Amolu, Amata and Nnukwu clans has vowed to produce the new traditional ruler for the community following the demise of the traditional ruler eight years ago.

Nnukwu clan is expected to produce the new traditional ruler according to the constitution of the town. The Central Executive Committee which is the decision making-organ had allegedly written to Nnukwu clan requesting it to screen and present candidates for the Igweship stool after which three prominent individuals emerged namely; Emma Chukwuma, Prof. Augustine Obiekezie and Dr. Chike Ezeude.

According to a member of the community Central Executive Committee, Ide Innocent Igboezuogu, an indigene of Nnukwu clan, “after the screening of the three aspirants and subsequent presentation of their names to the Central Executive Committee of the town, we discovered that the body went aside and produced another document which was called “harmonization document” suspected to be aimed at disqualifying some candidates and favouring a particular candidate contrary to the spirit of the constitution of the town with a view of delaying the election”.

“All we are asking is for the election to be held before the end of this year (2015)”. “It is long overdue since our late traditional died about eight years ago there has been a vacuum in the traditional ruler ship of Adazi-Nnukwu.

We do not want a situation where an individual or a group of people impose their will on the entire community,” he argued. The agitators from a section of Nnukwu clan which is made up of eight villages are agitating that Chief Emma Chukwuma, Prof Augustine Obiekezie and Dr Chike Ezeude be allowed to stand for election by the electoral committee after meeting the entire requirement as stipulated by the town union constitution.

The agitators posited that further postponement of the election would no longer be tolerated as it was long overdue to produce a traditional ruler for the community.

The Traditional Prime-Minister of Adazi Nnukwu, Onowu Lawrence Alor, who also spoke to our reporter, stated that it was unlawful to come up with another document which is not recognised by the town with the aim of disqualifying a particular popular candidate.

He suggested that the three candidates whose names had earlier been submitted to the Central Executive Committee of the town should be allowed to stand for election before the end of this year, adding that it was unacceptable to shift the goal post at the middle of the match.


-Ahamefule Chime, Onitsha

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