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Anambra: Butchers’ Security Men Abducted

…16 Cows, N18.7million Missing

Raymond Ozoji , Awka

Two security men engaged by butchers in Amansea , in Awka North Local Government Area of Anambra state were on Sunday night abducted, while 16 cows on under their watch were carted away. Also said to be missing was N18.7 million belonging to the butchers’ cooperative society. The butchers alleged that N18.7 million got missed when the Awka North council chairman, Mr. Cosmos Okonkwo led a group of people suspected to be thugs to attack the butchers at the Amansea abattoir on Thursday whereas their two security men and 16 cows got missed Sunday night.

In all these, the butchers accused the local government boss and his cronies. But in swift reaction, the Council chairman described the claims of the butchers as false, stating that they (the butchers) knew they were occupying the place illegally, adding that their claim was only aimed at discrediting him as the policemen that went there with him were witnesses to what transpired there.

Narrating their ordeal in the hand of the Council boss and his agents, Chairman of the Butchers association, Mr. Christian Nwankwo said the local government chairman came to the “As we all know the media plays an increasingly important role in today’s society, that freedom of expression, implying the freedom of the press has a clear impact on development, democracy and security”. – Lalong abattoir in a convoy of about 10 vehicles and ordered his aides to bundle him (Nwankwo) into the boot of one of the cars claiming that the butchers have been owing the local government council.

He said, “We acquired this site from a village in Amansea and we were paying N50 for every cow slaughtered at the abattoir until the present local government chairman came and increased it to N300 per cow. “However, following the directive by the state government that we should be paying the revenue to the state coffers, we stopped paying to the local government.

It was even a relief to us because we were paying only N100 per cow to the state government. “We were therefore surprised when the local government chairman swooped on the abattoir with his aides and thugs. When we saw a long convoy of vehicles driving into the abattoir, we thought they were people coming to buy meat, only for us to come face to face with heavily armed men who were accompanied by the police.

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