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Ambode Pledges To Complete lagos-Badagry Expressway In 12 Months

Governor Akinwunmi Ambode Vows To Complete Lagos-Badagry Expressway And Badagry Seaport 

Emmanuel Ukudolo

Lagos State Governor Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode yesterday said his administration would put machinery in place to commence construction of the Badagry Deep Seaport in the next two months and also complete Lagos-Badagry Expressway in 12 months.

Ambode who was speaking shortly after inspecting projects in the Badagry axis said the Badagry seaports would be the biggest in Africa.

Commencement of the Badagry Deep Seaport in September will bring to two, the total number of deep seaports embarked upon by the state government in a period of eight years.

The governor also vowed that he would complete the project in the next four years in conjunction with the 10-lane Badagry Expressway, which has provision for light rail in the median. He said: “With a Deep Sea Port project like this, it means that there would be new settlements in Badagry, new towns and the standard of living is positively affected by this kind of project.

“That is why we want to appeal to everybody including every Lagosian. Before I came here, I inspected the Mile 2 Badagry Expressway Project which is a 10lane project. There is no way we want to do the Deep Sea Port project here if we do not finish the Mile 2 Badagry Expressway project.

“I just want to assure you that simultaneously, those two projects will start in earnest and then we will use that to create jobs for our people and also increase the GDP of the Lagos economy and strongly within the next four years you will see a dramatic change in this axis of Lagos.”

Ambode said efforts were in top gear to ensure that the contractor handling the 10 lanes Lagos Badagry Expressway is well mobilized for speedy completion of the project.

He said, “It is also important for us that the contractor takes it as a major priority. The Mile 2 Badagry Expressway was very important to all of us and like we said, it is a project that we must finish. “It’s a project that I would like to be completed within the shortest possible time, so I will like to see greater work done on the road project itself.

On the rail project, like we have said, we are going to mobilise immediately to see that what has been done from Mile 2 to National Theatre is continued to Marina within the next 12 months. “We should be able to put to use whatever has been done from Mile 2 to Marina.

Immediately they commence work on the road project from Mile 2 towards Badagry, once we pass the aspect of Okokomaiko, we should be able to do the Blue Rail from Mile 2 to Okokomaiko. “What we expect is that notwithstanding the rain or whatever, the immediate mobilisation should be done and then the contractor should also increase the pace of work and that is what we will like to see and to let you know that whatever it is that are encumbrances to completing this project, we are all going to sit down to make sure that we alleviate the sufferings of our people,” he said, adding that the project will definitely increase the economic activity along this corridor.. He said the Badagry Deep Seaport project would open up commerce and create employment in the axis.

The deep seaport will be situated in over 1,000 hectares of land and about 500 metres away from ‘Point of No Return’, the slave camp where slaves were bundled into ships and for onward journey to Europe and America. “ Just like what has been said, this is the proposed site for the biggest Deep Sea Port in Africa.

The land space for the Deep Sea Port is over 1,000 hectares of which we have just been told that there’s going to be a free trade zone and then a container terminal that we are going to have here. “We already know that the investors have done the best they can. We have Mearsk in the Bouquet of investors who have signed on to this project and what that means for us is that we are going to have the largest cargo container port in Africa, situated in Badagry.

“That means a lot of us in terms of employment. It means a lot for us also in terms of new settlement like it has been said, we hope that in the next two months we’re coming to start this project here.”

Ambode explained that he personally came to see the project, stating that it is part of promise aimed at bringing development to the communities in that axis. Stressing the need for compensation, he said there are 12 communities that are involved and that they will be resettled within the area with adequate compensation.

“We would ensure that every community is duly compensated and in any direction that we have one or two that are still dialoguing, we would protect their interests, we would also ensure that they are protected in this project and it would be long-lasting for generations yet unborn.

“I want to assure the Aivoji community that they are safe and that the administration that we have we would continually support them and protect their interests. Like you have also been told this project is 500 metres away from the point of no

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