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Ambode Offers Palliatives To Ease Traffic Gridlock In Apapa

Emmanuel Ukudolo

Lagos State Governor Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode yesterday warned drivers of articulated trucks to desist from parking indiscriminately on Apapa road, stressing that his administration will no longer tolerate such an unwholesome behaviour.

Ambode who was speaking to reporters after inspecting major roads in the Apapa, Lekki, Ajah axis said he will immediately set up a task force to clamp down on erring truck drivers. He noted that traffic congestion in Apapa which has forced many business to shutdown operation in the area was aggravated by combination of factors which he said were humanly induced.

He said his men will immediately move into the area to fix bad portion of the road as immediate palliatives for residents. He however promised to summon a stake holders meeting to find lasting solution to the problem. “What we have done in the last three hours is trying to find out what is responsible for the traffic gridlock.

We have all seen that the gridlock in Apapa is multifaceted. We have examined things that relate to activities of trailer drivers and tanker drivers. It is totally unacceptable that we would be having tankers and trailers on our bridges. “It is also not acceptable that they would decide to block all lanes that lead to Apapa.

We have also seen that we must do something immediately to alleviate the challenges that the residents and business men are facing. But again, you will also realise that the roads that lead to Apapa Wharf and Tincan Island actually belong to the Federal Government.

“We have come to this Bridge(Tin Can), it has been under construction in the last six years, we have also seen a trailer park that can actually contain about 500 trailers at a time that has been abandoned by the Federal Government.

“What we want to do now is firstly to appeal to the Federal Government and most especially Mr. President that the contractor construction this particular bridge should come back to site and once we are able to open the trailer park, we would be able to allow other trailer and tankers to use the park,” Ambode said. He pointed out that about 57 tank farms around Apapa axis also pose serious challenge.

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