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Abortion Unacceptable, Catholics Insist

The Family and Human Life Unit of the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos in conjunction with The Order of the Knights of St. Mulumba (KSM) Lagos Metropolitan Council have called on Nigerians to shun abortion and give value to human life at a vigil prayer tagged, “The Family Fully Alive – Our Mission Is Love” which was held at the Marian Shrine, Maryland, Lagos on September 11.

In a special message for this year’s edition of the annual Prolife Vigil, the Chief Shepherd of the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, Most Rev. Alfred Adewale Martins implored that God open the eyes of leaders to make laws that would condemn abortion in its entirety and respect human lives.

“I pray, God give our leaders the insight and courage to make laws that will protect human dignity and right to life. Open the eyes of those who practice and promote abortion to see the evil of abortion. Help them to realize that their hearts are far from you. Call them to repentance and forgiveness. Give them courage to turn away from this grave sin and uphold the dignity of human life.”

Speaking during the event, the Chaplain of the Marian Shrine of the Catholic Lagos Archdiocese, Msgr. Philip Hoteyin urged youths to live a life of chastity and avoid the twin evil of unwanted pregnancy and abortion.

According to Dr. Hoteyin, people should live a life worthy of emulation, restating the catholic position on abortion which is unacceptable.

“Since human beings cannot create lives, they cannot destroy or abort it.” Hoteyin sermonized.

The Co-ordinator of the Archdiocesan Office of Family and Human Life, Bridget Itsueli noted that it was the 5th Vigil prayer to curtail abortion and reparation for all abortions committed in our nation. “Abortion and the contraceptive mentality are part of the culture of death. It is now time to think about our contributions to ensuring that more women and their men find pro-life solutions to the issues of abortion and contraceptive.

This must start from the home.” Itsueli declared that this year’s theme was significant to ensure that the person one loves is fully alive and happy since there could be no love where a member of the family is regarded as a mass of cells to be flushed out at the convenience of another adding that family is there for the protection of one another.


-Lorine Oyiwe

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