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Abia’s 5th Assembly Did Well – Oko Chukwu

Emenike Ubani, Umuahia

The immediate past speaker of Abia House of Assembly Rt. Hon. Ude Oko Chukwu has said that the 5th house recorded a remarkable improvement over and above previous houses in terms of performances and concrete achievements Oko Chukwu who is now the deputy Governor of Abia State made this remark during the valedictory plenary session in his honour to mark the end of the fifth legislative assembly noting that the house had lived up to its promise of not disappointing the good people of the state.

He said “distinguished colleagues, now that we have come to the end of our four years in office, how far have we fared in terms of the discharge of our statutory duties and responsibilities as legislators and representative of our people? We can without fear of contradiction beat our chests and say that we have done well for Abia State and for our various constituencies from where we derived our mandates”.

The fifth Abia legislator according to the ex speaker witnessed a high level and unprecedented degree of peace, unity, vibrancy and seriousness in her statutory duties and functions.“The 5th house during the period under review entertained 28 motions on topical issues and adopted 171 resolutions emanating partly from substantial motions tabled on the floor of the house and partly from observations and matters of urgent public importance and interest brought by honourable members.

During the past four years, the 5th Abia legislature received and considered a total of 74 bills out of which 47 were conclusively passed into law” the former speaker said. “27 bills remaining are still at various committee stages for further legislative touches. The sixth house may consider them necessary to continue or they may be void” he said. Apart from legislative achievements Oko Chukwu said it was no exaggeration to say that the 5th house had done very well within the limit of available resources.

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