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Abia House To Be Inaugurated June 11 –Clerk

Emenike Ubani, Umuahia.

Against the backdrop of media reports that the Abia House of Assembly has postponed its inauguration indefinitely, the Clerk of the House, Mr DonPedro Irokansi, Monday declared that the State governor Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu has finally issued his proclamation order for the convocation of the 6th Assembly.

Irokansi who stated this while Speaking to Newsmen at the Assembly Complex, Monday said the arrangement for the inauguration which has been scheduled for Thursday, this week has been concluded. Reacting to the allegation that he the (Clerk) is frustrating the convocation of the House, Pedro described the Insinuations as unfounded, attributing the delay in the non compliance to the Constitutional provisions.

“Read section 105 of the National constitution and you will find out that the role of the governor is to issue a proclamation order asking the Clerk of the House to inaugurate the House and once that is done, that is when I will then come in. Before this time between 1999 to 2007, the State governor used to come hereto inaugurate the House which was in aberration of the Constitution.

The governor’s role is either to dissolve the House at the end of its tenure or to proclaim for its first sitting and this is the only role attached to the governor office as far as inauguration of the Parliament is concerned”.

He recalled that before his posting as the Clerk of the House, previous governors were coming to the Assembly complex to inaugurate the House,pointing out that he corrected the constitutional anomaly during the 2011 inauguration of the 5th legislative assembly. “I drew the attention of the ex governor, Chief Theodore Orji, during his reign that it is wrong for the governor to inaugurate the House, and he understood the point that I made.

He accused the APGA members of desperation elect despite the fact that the date for inauguration has not expired to give room for the convocation of the House. Said him, “I have been besieged by some elements of the APGA members elect, that I must inaugurate the house.

It is not the responsibility of the member elects to direct the Clerk to inaugurate the House. The constitution said Section 91 states that all candidates must have collected the certificate of return for onward verification by the Clerk of the House to act accordingly”.

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