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Elder Statesman Accuses Amnesty Of Double Standard

Tony Ita Etim, Port Harcourt

An elder statesman and former staff of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, Mr. Kehinde Aladesoun has accused Amnesty International of double standard and selective judgement.

Aladesoun made the accusation while reacting to the recent Am- nesty International report indicting the Nigerian Army of war crimes in the fight against Boko Haram terrorists activities in North East Nigeria.

He berated theAmnestyinternational forwhathecalleditsbare faced double standards, and regret- tedthat bodyhaslostitscharacter and respect.

‘’ The Amnesty International cried blue murder when the Nigerian army was fighting to wipe out the insurgents , alleging genocide , now it is singing another song,” Aladesoun stated.

Aladesoun warned President Muhammadu Buhari desist from his current romance with American ledG-7 nations and appealed to other countries to Nigeria to fight insurgency in the country.

Calling for caution, Aladesoun wondered why Buhari was invited totheG-7meeting whenNigeria was not a member, and pointed out that reminiscent of the cold war years, America is currently recruit- ing allies against Russia and also torpedoes theinterestofcountries itromancingwith Russia.

He lamented that it was ironical that the America that refused to supply Nigeria with weapons to fight the Boko Haram insurgents andactuallydissuaded Israel and other nations from doing so sud- denly isindicatinginteresttohelp Nigeriafight theinsurgents.

Aladesoun pointed out that America left Nigeria and Nigeri- ans to their fate until Russia and other countries came to her aid while France was able to convince Nigeria’sneighbors underherco- lonial sphere, to join hands with Nigeriatofight the BokoHaram.

He warned that it was clear that America and her allies were not comfortable with the warm relationship between Nigeria and Russia lately ,especially during theregimeof presidentGoodluck Jonathan ,saying , ‘’that it was Russia thathelpedustofightthe Civil war and again it was Russian that assisted in tackling the Boko Haram’’.

‘’Buhari should stop gang- ing Nigeria with G-7. The G-7 Is wooing us, looking for scape goats against Russian. it is a point of danger. We cannot align with them against Russian. The ear- lier we stop Buhari, the better’’, Aladesoun advised.

On the current diplomatic shut- tles by Buhari in search interna- tional support to fight the Boko Haram insurgency, Aladesoun observed that Buhari had chided former president for seeking help fromsomecountriesfor fighting the insurgents,.

Aladesoun claimed that Burhari is not a military tactician, rather ‘Buhari is a signal man he does not know much about tactics’’.

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