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Traffic Gridlock: Kubwa Residents Blame Traffic Lights

Paschal Emeka, Abuja

When the FCT Transportation Secretariat recently installed traffic lights at major junctions of the densely populated Kubwa town, Bwari Area Council, many described it as a laudable project which will assist in easing traffic.

However, motorists in Kubwa are now blaming the current traffic congestion being experienced in the area on the recently installed traffic lights. They said that the traffic lights have worsened the traffic situation in the town as motorists spend more time at the junctions where the lights exist as a result of the long queue witnessed at those junctions.

Residents of the area have also heaped the blame of traffic jam witnessed mostly in the morning and evening hours, which usually slowed down movement and businesses as many get to their work places late.

Some motorists also blamed the traffic congestions to the narrow nature of some of the roads, saying the limited space of the lane does not allow more than two cars to pass conveniently.

“If you are negotiating right, you have to wait for those going straight or left even after they have been ordered to move by the indication of the green light,” a driver who identified himself as Alex said.

Another resident, Lilian Nnam explained that the short distance existing between some of the junctions where the lights are sited to another also contribute to the congestion.

According to her, there is always a spillover of traffic as a result of the closeness of one junction to another.

“Once there is a hold-up at one junction, any junction close to it is immediately affected. The build-up of traffic in the other junction gradually extends to the next,” she said.

Other residents who spoke to The Union called on the Federal Road Safety Corps to intensify efforts in finding a lasting solution to the situation through aggressive enlightenment and sensitization of motorists and other road users, particularly the commercial motorcyclists.

They also called on them to regularly deploy its officials at all the junctions where the lights exist.

“They should regularly position themselves at all the traffic lights junctions. Their presence alone is enough to check the excesses of motorists, especially the okada riders.”

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