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Lugbe FRSC Takes Safety Campaign To Homes

Charity Simon

The Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC Lugbe Unit has commenced a door to door safety campaign in Lugbe for road safety awareness to your door step” to sensitize road users on the need to be of good conduct while using the road.

Speaking after the road show, the head of the Lugbe Unit of the FRSC Assistant Corp Commander Joice Alexander the unit commander Lug be FRSC said, “We have always spoken of public enlightenment you cannot just do enforcement without enlightenment that would be like forcing adults to do some thing without giving them a reason why they should do it so our public enlightenment is aimed at giving them a reason for the enforcement we are carrying out, like why they should use the seat belt, why you should strap your child well, why they should not use their phone while driving , why they should get the proper drivers license these are things we do during public enlightenment in Lugbe here we felt it is time to take it to their door step”. She added that Saturday mornings because this is more of a residential area most people are around . We started it this morning and we talk to them while they are in their houses, and it is a huge success, we distribute handbills , inscription on placards, music, showing them the things we expect them to do and letting them know it is not all about enforcement, because it will be a good thing if everybody obeys the rules.

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