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I Killed My Friend In Self Defense –Suspect

Tunde Azeez, who allegedly stabbed his friend to death, in Amuwo Odofin area of Lagos State recently is remorseful over the killing, saying that he killed in self defense.

Xavier Ndanyongmong

A 33-year-old trailer driver Tunde Azeez who allegedly stabbed his friend to death, in Amuwo Odofin area of Lagos State recently is remorseful over the killing saying that he killed in error.

The suspect a native of Ogbomosho who was first arrested by the police at Festac division has been transferred to the Homicide Department of the State Criminal Investigations Department (SCID) Panti street where he is now being interrogated said he made a terrible mistake adding that he has regretted his actions and appealed for pardon.

The suspect had allegedly stabbed one Lukemon Ayedun with a broken bottle following a disagreement. Sources said the police are investigating deeper to ascertain the cause of the quarrel although it was gathered it started following an invitation to the decease by the suspect to join him for a meal.

It was gathered that the suspect Tunde had bought food from a food vendor at Amowu Odofin while the friend was fast asleep and he has purportedly woke him up to eat with him.

The invitation turn sour as the deceased was angry why he should be woken up from sleep because of a plate of meals.

He was alleged to have attacked his friend as he landed him with blows to the astonishment of Azeez who retaliated and they engaged themselves in a scuffle.

Azeez said Ayedun the deceased opted for a bottle which he broke and stabbed him on his left hand and he retaliated by getting a another bottle broke it and stabbed him on the head unknown to him the bottle had pierced deep into his head. The suspect in his statement told the police that he did not kill his friend deliberately but on self defense.

Narrating his story, the suspect said “I don’t know what really brought me into this mess, but I know God will certainly set me free. Where have I gone wrong by inviting my friend to come and eat with me? I woke him up from his sleep to join me to eat I don’t know what made him angry and he started to fight. Can a mere invitation to eat with me cause a fight?, he asked.

“If I had a problem with him before then I wouldn’t have had anything to do with him, he is my friend so why should I wish him dead.

“ What he supposed to do was either for him to decline the offer to eat or eat with me but he rather opted for a fight.He broke a bottle and stabbed me on my left hand. Immediately I took a bottle too to defend myself I broke it and stabbed him on his head,” he explained.

“When I realized that the injury may cause havoc I ran to alert an OPC Commander and others who were nearby to come to our rescue but he was still holding tight to a bottle to stab me again.

“They came and resolved the matter and as we were being conveyed to the hospital he became unconscious and fell off from the motorcycle.He died immediately apparently following the huge loss of blood.

“Please I don’t have any reason to kill him.We have been friends for over four years I am a trailer driver, and I have been driving since 2010. I don’t have a house we all sleep in the garage at night. I regret this, it’s the work of the devil,” he stated.

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