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Generator Repairer Stabs Guard To Death

A generator repairer Abimbola Azeez is under interrogation by the police for allegedly stabbing a guard to death in Lagos.

Xavier Ndanyongmong

A 27-year-old generator repairer Abimbola Azeez is being interrogated by the Police for stabbing a guard Tochukwu Ejika to death in Lagos.

The suspected a native of Ikire in Osun State who is now being interrogated at the homicide department of the State Criminal Investigations Department (SCID) Panti said he acted in self defense “if not he would have killed me”.

The suspect told the police that trouble started when he went to the God’s own Estate in Divine Bus stop Ijanikin to repair a faulty generator.

According to him, after repairing the generator he was on his way out of the estate when the Chief Security Officer accosted him at about 8pm.

He said the guard ordered him to go back to where he came from but all his explanation to him that he was a visitor proved abortive.

“I was on my way out of the estate when the man accosted me and asked me to go back, I didn’t know he was the estate security officer.

“I refused and was trying to explain to him that I was a visitor, the next thing that he did was to move back and pick a plank and hit me on the head.

“I couldn’t bear the pains since I did nothing to him, I picked a plank and hit him back. I was surprise the man brought out a dagger and tried to stab me but I blocked him and I sustained a cut from the dagger on my right hand.

“I was bleeding but I managed to collect the dagger from him and stabbed him on the stomach. His boys came in large number and were beating me they nearly killed me while their ‘Oga’ was lying in the pool of his blood,” he explained.

Police sources said in the ensued fracas the other security men were busy trying to vent their anger on the suspect while they left their boss on the floor bleeding to death.

Police investigations revealed that the suspect had stabbed the deceased severally on the stomach leading to his death.

Sources said help could not reach the deceased immediately as he had lost so much blood and died on the spot leaving no chance for him to be rushed to the hospital.

Sources said the suspect was immediately arrested and handed over to the Ijanikin divisional police station while the corpse was deposited at the mortuary.

Narrating his ordeal to The Union the suspect said he has nowhere to lay his head rather he lived with a friend at Ayetoro, Ijanikin along Badagry expressway.

According to him, he had problem of settling his rent at his former home and he went to his customer’s house to repair his generator and also with the intention of appealing to him to accommodate him pending when he will be able to raise money for his accommodation.

“After fixing the generator the wife gave me N500 since the husband was not at home and I started leaving the estate because my friend did not give me any reply when I called him to intimate him of my plan before the incident happened. I don’t know why this should happen to me at this time. My brother something is wrong somewhere, what have I done to deserve this. That man would have killed me if I had allowed him. I defended myself, or are they saying that I should have allowed him to kill me or shouldn’t I defend myself,”?. He asked.

The suspect said he regret the death as he never meant to kill him even as he said he acted in self defense.

Sources said the case which was initially reported at Ijanikin Police Station is currently been investigated at the Homocide section of State Criminal Investigation Department, Yaba Lagos.

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