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Programos Foundation Urges Manufacturing Industry To Adopt Technology

Isaiah Onwuanumba

Programos Foundation, a Nigeria based non-governmental organization, which specializes in the grooming of entrepreneurs has made a case for manufacturers in the country to adopt Information Technology tools in driving their jobs, saying it’s only IT that can be used to address most of the challenges bewildering the manufacturing industry.

President of the Foundation, Mr. Amos Emmanuel, made the case on the occasion of the 31st Annual General Meeting of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, Ogun State chapter in Sango-Ogun State.

According to Emmanuel, who spoke as a guest lecturer on the topic titled ‘Industries and the Economy: Problems, Prospects and the Way Forward’, though the challenges facing the manufacturing industry are not peculiar, the deployment of IT tools has proven to boost output and ultimately increase revenue for manufacturers.

The Nigeria Eminent Expert for the United Nations World Summit Awards, who also bagged “West Africa Top Tech Titan Award” recently, believes that the manufacturing industries play pivotal roles in any economy, engendering rapid growth, jobs and wealth creation, which leads to improved standard of living; thus, there is a need to leverage on technology to meet the demand of the manufacturing industry.

“It is a known fact that our world is technology-driven and any country with the necessary technological knowhow leads directly or indirectly in the committee of nations. As a country striving to become more industrialized, a new breed of technologists must come onboard to meet the demands of the manufacturing industry, a situation that will then position us in our desired status among our peers,” said Emmanuel, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of Programos Software Group, a leading indigenous Capital Market software provider and designers of CloudIntegra Investment Trading solutions.

Emmanuel noted that though some manufacturers disagree in a survey conducted by Programos Foundation that lack of automation and technological knowhow is a contributory factor to the problems facing industries in the country, it remains to be disputed that the processes of quite a number of Nigerian manufacturers lack the necessary automations that will make work easy and more efficient.

He argues that as daunting as the challenges may be, they are not insurmountable. He said apart from technology deployment, the solutions to the enumerated problems will include improvement in Nigeria’s infrastructural base, especially electricity supply, adding that no nation on earth can industrialize without stable power supply.

He suggested that stable and dependable power supply could be sourced from alternative sources; including renewable energy, which must come with a very considerate tariff system; proactive Federal Government involvement in the development of an efficient infrastructural base; appropriate legislation to shore up markets for manufacturers and an improved access to technology for manufacturers, which can be done through partnership and proactive planning with universities.

Continuous industry survival research currently being conducted by the Programos Foundation, he said, requires participation and support of government and private organizations.

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