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In Focus LG’s Quad HD G3

Isaiah Onwuanumba

LG Electronic West Africa has stated at the weekend that its Quad HD Display has became one of the chief selling points of the G3 and one of the most anticipated features of the G4. General Manger, Mobile Communications, LG Electronics West Africa Operations, Mr Steve Seungeui Lee said ‘‘Developed under the Simple is the New Smart concept, LG G3 is a culmination of consumer research based on our product development philosophy, ‘Learning from you’.’’

LG, he said, has been focused on making the consumer the focal point in the development of its new flagship smartphone. The build up to the G4 launch is centered around LG’s consumer experience campaign, during which 4000 users from 14 different countries will be given the opportunity to test drive the G4 several weeks before the official release on the market. The feedback from these Schneiusers will help LG iron out any difficulties with the G4 before it hits the market.

The G4 was designed to tackle two polar issues in the consumer base. It should be easy enough for anyone to use, yet still pack the enhanced features that tech-intensive users are after. In the design process the look and feel were not engineered simply to grab headlines, but the philosophy behind the G4 was to accentuate the lifestyle of the user from the viewpoint that the smartphone is an extension of the self.

The G4 represents a milestone-level achievement, with advanced technology powering the screen and camera, and an updated UX that is as convenient as it is functional. The most important component of a smartphone is its screen. More than any other component, the size and clarity of the screen is the first thing consumers notice when evaluating smartphones.

Though the G3 won praise last year for its impressive quad HD display, the G4’s screen features a vastly improved 5.5- inch QHD LCD screen, representing a quantum jump in brightness, color gamut, contrast ratio, touch input responsiveness and power consumption, all packed into a display that is slimmer than ever before.

Its QHD screen boasts a 2560×1440 pixel resolution, 4 times higher than the LCD standard of 1280×720. More accurate colors are also made possible by the display’s 120 percent color gamut. The QHD display’s contrast ratio is 50 percent higher than conventional QHD LCD panels and its brightness is 30 percent higher. In spite of its performance statistics, there is no surge in power consumption, meaning that the G4’s battery will prove long-lasting even under the most intense use. All these specs come together to create deeper blacks, brighter colors and much sharper images.

The display can even be viewed in direct sunlight as the brightness counteracts any glare. Touch sensitivity is another aspect that helps the G4’s screen stand out. LG’s Advanced In-Cell Touch (AIT) technology combines the screen’s touch sensor and LCD display into one slim layer. This results in greater input sensitivity and allows for a thinner overall design. The G4′s most impressive feature is its ability to take accurate lowlight shots, even in poorly-lit city environments. The device boasts an impressive F/1.8 aperture, meaning the lens can take in more light than any competing device.

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