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Expert Urges Businesses, Companies To Embrace Internet Cloud

Small Business owners and corporate organization must take advantage internet Cloud high performance

Isaiah Onwuanumba

An expert in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has said that there is need for companies and businesses in Nigeria to leverage on cloud for higher performance as there is a large global market shift towards cloud computing and adoption.

Managing Director, Accenture Technology Nigeria, Niyi Tayo said this at the just concluded SAP forum Africa held in Lagos.

He noted that Nigeria’s increased usage of connected devices has led to demand for scalable agile cloud based computing, making infrastructures accessible and providing rapid services.

Tayo who explained that with the estimation of $191billion market size of public cloud by 2020 also said this will lead to 14 per cent projected shift from traditional in-house IT to cloud based services by 2020.

According to him, multitude of benefits can be derived from going to the cloud, some of which includes agility, speed, flexibility, cost reduction for businesses, knowledge and compliance.

“Top drivers for cloud adoption in Nigeria are scalability, faster access to infrastructures and time to market. There appears to be a shift from cost consciousness to higher availability, geographical reach, business continuity and staff efficiency,” he added.

Speaking on Accenture’s activities in information technology over the years, he noted that Accenture which is present in 56 countries and 200 cities has a strong global network, enduring local presence with a cloud platform supporting 700 client projects and 12,000 virtual machines supported across 25 cloud data centres.

He explained that the ASBSG SAP HANA enterprise cloud (HEC) solution, combines Accenture’s industry experience, market leading SAP systems integration and application management services with SAP’s HANA Enterprise cloud services and software to deliver new business outcomes.

He further explained that HEC solution enables Accenture offer one payment and single service delivery to client covering software, infrastructure and services.

Tayo revealed that in conjunction with SAP, the service application and products providers and other infrastructure partners, Accenture has developed cost effective software as a service package to DISCOs.

“This partnership is bringing about improved operational and financial effectiveness, reduced TCO as DISCOs do not have to spend to build and manage data centre, low risk and Accenture’s deep experience with SAP’s technology,” he said.

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