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Infertility: Nordica Intensifies Effort To Improve IVF Success Rate


Angela Onwuzoo

Every fertility-challenged couple going through fertility treatment -In Vitro Fertilization, (IVF), always want to boost their chances of success as high as possible. After all, every attempt takes time, money, energy, and let alone the emotional aspect of it.

To this end, Nigerians seeking IVF treatment have been urged to get themselves acquainted with some of the available auxiliary methods that could help them achieve success.

The plea is coming from the Managing Director of Nordica Fertility Centre, Lagos, Dr. Abayomi Ajayi, who identified   the role of Endoscopy, Acupuncture and Counseling as critical in fertility treatment and in improving IVF success rate.

Addressing participants at Nordica Open Forum, tagged: ‘Improving IVF Success Through Ancillary Services” held in Lagos recently, Ajayi, said  the role of  acupuncture in particular, need not be over-emphasized as it helps to reduce  stress, anxiety, and other discomforts associated with IVF treatment and infertility in general.

“We noticed that in the developed parts of the world that have good IVF centres also provide acupuncture services.

“It helps the woman to relax when going through IVF. Infertility and IVF treatment are stressful. And therefore, anything that will make the woman relax would certainly increase   success rate.

“Our results in Nordica have become better when we introduced acupuncture to our services.  It helps in increasing success and also assists the woman to cope with the result of the treatment whether it succeeds or fails”, he explained.

According to Ajayi, infertility is stressful and IVF is also stressful because it involves a lot of emotional things, hence the need for acupuncture services.

He said: “IVF can fail and for some people, when the circle fails, they find it difficult to go for another one because they can’t face failure. Again, many people are afraid of injections and the monetary aspect of it as well. So, in all, IVF involves a lot of things but with acupuncture services the client is able to cope.”

On counseling, Ajayi noted that everybody going through IVF needs it at least support counseling.

“The couple before they sign consent need to understand what they are going into and that can only  be done  through counseling.

They should be counseled on best approaches, what to do when a circle succeeds or fails, as well as best chances and options available to them”, he said.

Throwing more light on counseling, Clinic Manager, Nordica Fertility Centre, Mrs. Tola Ajayi, said couples experiencing infertility should seek professional counseling to obtain beneficial information.

“A couple should undertake professional counseling before embarking upon investigations and treatment. This can open up channels of communication and keep a couple in contact with each other as they undergo what can turn out to be a challenging course of action.

“When couples seek counsel, they are being proactive in wanting to develop their personal resources, enhance their relationship, and increase their ability to cope with future difficulties. In coping with infertility, seeking knowledge and understanding is a way of gaining control”, she explained.

The open forum, the organizers added   was an avenue for educating the public about assisted conception and reproductive health in general to increase the awareness in the society.

The forum witnessed free consultations and question and answer session all aimed at improving success rate among fertility-challenged couples in Nigeria.

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