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The Burden Of Road Barricades

ficers and men of the Nigerian Custom Services observed that they barricaded some section of pedestrian road beside the fence of their headquarter and stationed a patrol vehicle with officers to enforce the restriction of movement along that axis of the city.

“When they accosted me and attempted to compel me to do ‘frog jump’ for daring to walk along the restricted portion of the pedestrian road that they barricaded, I refused their order and told them to stop intimidating innocent Nigerians who are going about their businesses. They queried that if it were the military, would I had challenged them? They nonetheless delayed me for almost 30 minutes before they discovered that I was a media man and then allowed me to go.

The pedestrian constructed with taxpayers’ money should not be barricaded and used as car parks by security operatives. Citizens should be allowed to use the roads. ” He narrated.

Therefore the big question now begging for answers is whose responsibility is it to ensure that Nigerians are not forced to face untold hardship or denied free movement in and out of the territory due to the security operatives’ lack of better strategy to tackle insurgency?

However, an Abuja based legal practitioner, Barrister Maxwell Opara opined that the action of the security operatives is well intentioned, arguing that it is aimed at providing adequate security in the territory.

“The barricade is aimed at protecting taxpayers from the onslaught of the insurgency. We canno say that they are providing security to themselves alone because, you don’t expect them to barricade everywhere. The level of security provided in villa can never be the same with the one that will be provided in Zuba police station for instance.

“The barricade is just part of the strategy aimed at checkmating these mindless terrorists. Mind you that if any of the military or paramilitary facilities is attacked, the nation had been attacked and that will be a big blow to the country and a plus to the insurgency.”

On the issue of violation of fundamental human rights of the citizenry following the barricades which of course restrict or impede free movement of citizens in certain areas of the city, he further explains.

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