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Saudi To Build 10,000 Capacity Hotel For Pilgrims

Saudi Authority has disclosed its plans to build the world’s largest hotels in the Holy City . The world- class edifice which will rise out of the desert is expected to contain 10,000 rooms for Saudi Pilgrims from across the world. It is due to be completed in 2017.

The hotel when completed is expected to break the records of the USA based, Venetian and The Palazzo Hotels, which operate as a single hotel, with 7,117 rooms. It will also challenge the record set by MGM Grand in Las Vegas with 6,852 rooms.

Dar Al-Handasah who is the architect behind the hotel revealed that the hotel being situated in the Manafia area of Mecca’s central zone, just 2.2km south of the Mas- jid al-Haram (holy mosque), will be part of a mixed-use development at Abraj Kudai, a $3.5bn (£2.25bn) project intended to look like a desert fortress, that encompasses a ring of towers standing on top of a podium.

Design MENA also reported that the hotel will have 10,000 rooms in 12 separate towers, which are 44 storeys high that will also include 70 restaurants, rooftop helipads, royal floors and a full size convention centre.

According to Al-Handasah, two of the towers will offer five-star  facilities. He also said that the other ten will provide four-star accom- modation. He also informed that the interiors will be designed by the London-based studio Areen Hospitality and are expected to be in keeping with the opulent style found elsewhere in the region.

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