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Why I Respect Sex A Lot –Imelda Okwori

Imelda Ada Okwori’s versatility has overtime earned her things she did not bargain for in her career- acting and singing. With several singles to her credit, Imelda has carved a niche for herself in the country’s music scene. She opens up to Tony Chinedu on her alleged romance with ex-Kennis music star, Jaywon and how she’s ready to give all in order to go nestling with the Koko master, D’banj.

What is Imelda up to at the moment?

I just released my new song titled “Jisoro.” It’s making waves online but we are yet to commence the full promotion of the single. You may want to know what inspired the song. I didn’t want to release my music the way everyone does. I feel people are bored with that trend. I feel I should speak directly to my fans through my new song, and then give them a feel of my music. There’s so much that gets between the music, the artist and the fans. This is straight from me to my fans.

How did you begin your journey into the world of music?

It started while I was in the university. I was the choir mistress during my secondary school days. I entered for many competitions and won laurels. When I got admission into the university, I tried to visit the studio. I was with Nelson Brown I went to the studio for the first time in Lagos. That was some six years ago when I was still an undergraduate.

Why did you venture into music?

Unlike other singers who started from their church choristers, music runs in my family. My mum was into music. She had a musical group while she was in secondary school. When I was growing up, she saw the talent in me and helped me to nurture it. But unknown to many, I started singing before I joined the choir.

How many songs have you done so far?

I have d o n e s e v e r a l singles. I c o u l d call it a n album because I didn’t release it to the global market. For now, I have a single titled, ‘My Love for You’ featuring OJB Jezreel,which gave me my first international award. I have also worked with K-Solo, Side One, Jaywon, Phenom among others. My latest single is ‘Jisoro.’ The video will soon hit the market.

Do you still refer yourself as an up and coming female singer?

I am still an up and coming singer. That I have been in the industry for six years now and won several awards does not make me a big star. But I have moved on. I am not where I was then.

Aside music, what else do you do for a living?

I love anything business. I’m currently investing in so many things that I wouldn’t want to talk about now. When everything is set, you will know what it is.

How is your relationship with Jaywon like, after it was rumoured that you were having an affair with him?

I didn’t have any problem initially with Jaywon until mouth started wagging that we were dating. People around me started misbehaving and Jaywon started saying all kinds of things, confirming that he was having an affair with me. But its maturity that matters here. Jaywon and I were not friends. We were like normal day to day friends but people didn’t understand and when the rumour surfaced, his crew handled it in a very poor and immature way. Their reactions were negative as they went about writing so many things about me. I felt bad but at the end, I just let go and I’ve forgiven them from the bottom of my heart.

How do you combine your music with your private life?

That is my personal life. I don’t like sharing it with the public because if you want to have peace, keep that away from the public domain. When it’s time for the public to know, they will know.

Every singer seems to be exploring the theme of sexuality to promote their brands. What’s your own strong point in music?

For me, I think it depends on the kind of song I am doing. For instance, if my song is going to preach peace and unity, I don’t need to expose my body. Also, if my song is talking about inspiration, I don’t need to go wild as well. But I think every video should interpret what the song is talking about. If my song is talking about dancing and clubbing then I have to give it what it deserves and that is entertainment. But the only thing I won’t do is the video vixen which has to do with showing my boobs and other part of my body.

What is the most touching experience of your life?

I’ve had so many touching experiences   and someday I will share my story with the world . This is because I’ve seen a whole lots of things in my life. Being an artiste, you are faced with a situation where you cannot help and not even your money. When I wanted to release my song title “Bread and Butter”, I was scammed to sign an agreement with a company which later turned out to be fraud and that actually discouraged me then from releasing the song. So as a female artiste, we face a lot of challenges everyday because I can’t even remember my most touching experience anymore because I have had a lot of it and it’s like an everyday thing for me. But for one thing, I never give up.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done in your career?

I think that was when I used my first school fees to buy a keyboard and that was during my university days. Funny enough, my dad didn’t get angry at me. According to him, he knew I was going to do that. That is the craziest thing I’ve ever done.

Are you planning to do collaboration with the A-list artistes?

Actually, I just did collaboration with Obesere because I feel like delving into Fuji music. Aside working with Obesere, I have also recorded a lot of songs with popular artistes which are yet to hit the airwaves. But very soon, I will be dropping my song with Obesere.

How would you describe Obesere as a Fuji artiste?

Obesere is a gentleman, cool and one of the good souls I have ever come across in the industry. Another thing is that he is the kind of person I actually look forward to working with because he is legend one can mix his or her fusion with to bring out something very unique.

Is there any man in your life presently?

It’s personal, whether there is or not, I don’t like discussing my private life. Sometimes, when you are in a relationship and you make it public, they help you ruin it . So, its better you keep that part of you to yourself.

Who is your male celebrity crush?

The only male celebrity I have a crush on is D’banj. The reason being that I love him and because he is very focus. D’banj is a superstar who looks beyond the music industry. He dares even when it might fail and those are the qualities that attracted him to me including his lips. I think he’s a spirit- filled kind of person like me. I don’t mind having a relationship with him.

What kind of man would you like to spend the rest of your life with?

I love freedom and being happy. I don’t like someone who is domineering. For instance, if you are the kind of man that wants to go out and play snookers or football. As long as it is going to give you happiness and it’s not going to cause you any harm, I have no reason to stop you. Equally, if you know my music is my source of joy, my man should be able to support me financially and otherwise. He should be there for me. If he’s not wellto- do, I know he does not have but if he does, I know he should be there for me. If I want to go to the studio and the man is not allowing me, he is not my kind of man.

What does sex mean to you?

To me, sex is highly spiritual because if I don’t love someone I cannot kiss the person. But something happened sometimes ago when a male fan kissed me on stage. I believe sex is more divine than the way peop l e see it. I respect sex a l o t and I think it should be sacred.

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