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What I Want In My Man – Mary Uche


My name is Mary Uche. I’m from Abia State; I graduated from the University of Port Harcourt. I studied theatre arts and I’m now practicing it. My dad and mum are alive and I have five siblings

J o u r n e y i n t o acting

Well, I s t a r t e d acted in 2 0 0 8 when I was still in school at University of Port H a r c o u r t . Would I say my acting came as a miracle? I keep saying that because I had this junior friend that was in school with me in the same departmentwho watched me when I was on set, she also had a producer brother. She keeps singing to him about the girl in her school who could really act, then the brother in return told her that they don’t go for artist that if I’m really good; I should come. So the brother gave her a number to call me. She requested that her brother wants to see me. And I called him, and he said come to the office. Then I came to the office. He tried me; he gave a script to read- which I read. He gave me my first film that was City Girls; myself and Jackie Appia. He gave me my second one which was Adam’s Desire- I, Monelisa, and Jonjo Melo.

First experience in front of a camera

I wasn’t nervous because funny enough it has always being something I had passion for, I wasn’t really nervous. Apart from studying theatre act, I feel it’s in me so I didn’t panic- not all.

Parent’s disposition to acting

Right from time when I was in secondary school they knew what I’d become. And I’m very different from my siblings just as they are so different from me. They knew it was my calling, so they just left me and encouraged me.

Big movie break

I would say its Adam’s Desire because it is a movie that every one that knows me today has seen. It’s a movie I played with Monelisa, (I played as a daughter); and Jonjo Melo. That’s the movie people know, they could tell you: oh that girl that did Adam’s Desire.

Selling point

Anybody that asks me about my selling point, I tell them it’s my legs. I flaunt my legs a lot though I know I’m beautiful but the legs keep me going.

Challenges as an upcoming actress

Challenges is everywhere, I wouldn’t say it’s just me. Sometimes you look at the industry and you feel just sad; when you know this is your passion and you know why you came into the industry. But all of a sudden you see some people that you know that they are not just worth playing a particular character getting the role especially when you go to auditions. Then you keep asking yourself what’s up. Some of them like they say; offer money, offer their body but that is just it. You see yourself still dragging forward but I still believe something that when you know who you are, you keep to it. I keep telling people that it’s all about staying focused, knowing what you can do, and being prayerful.

Movies featured in

I have done so many movies when it comes to Nollywood then when it comes to MNet; I have also done movies with them. When it comes to MNet I have done Fit (with actor Chinedu Ikedieze), Homecoming, and Hired Husband. The movie that really struck it is Fit. Then Nollywood, the top ones are Adam’s Desire, Illicit Women, Girls in the Mood, Ike the Stubborn Gateman etc.

Movie with the greatest challenge

Unknown though not out where I played as a university girl dating a cultist- I did a lot of stunts, jumping, and I broke my arm so it was really challenging for me. I’m actually waiting for this movie to be out because it was really challenging.

Movie role models

I love a lot of them but in Nollywood, I would go for Rita Dominic. I see her as someone that really interprets her character very well. To me, she is really outstanding. Genevieve is also good but I go for Rita Dominic. But in Hollywood, I always go for Angelia Jolie- she is my role model.

Assessment of Nollywood

I would say that we’re still going places. We’ve not arrived yet – we’re still going places because I know that a lot of beautiful actors and actresses are really coming up.

Single or married

Do I look married? Well I’m single but why would you look at me and ask if I have a relationship; I should have a relationship.

Marriage: Rich man or poor man

No. For me, I’m not after money, I’m not after wealth. I look out for a man that has the fear of God that is number one. A man that have conscience and a man that is very loyal- it’s not just the money. I see you, you have focus and heading somewhere; I can start up something with you that I know tomorrow we’ll build it together.

Favourite body part

My legs, I’ll keep saying it. I treat them like every other person who cherishes me. I love friends and I love making friends, but I need to be very careful.

Worst moment in your life

My worst moment is when I lost an eight year relationship. I wouldn’t say we were looking to get into the husband and wife stage. It just happened and I just felt bad then. It’s something I learnt from.

Have you come across any producer or director trying to sexually harass you?

The answer is no. I keep telling peop l e t h a t when you know what you’re doing, and you’re good at what you’re doing- I don’t think these things will come to you.

Being betrothed to an actor

Why not? I don’t mind because I believe he is someone that knows what I do, I know what he does. So I think we’ll be very comfortable that will be if we don’t listen to rumours.

Advice to upcoming actors

The young people that come to me, I try to advise them especially when I see that talent in you. I tell to be patience, focused and be prayerful. Once you’re focused, you’re patient and humble then you’ll go far.

Managing relative fame

Your fans make you. Everywhere you go, your hear people calling you but at the same time you know how you manage it- you love them. You snap with them, it doesn’t take anything from you, it doesn’t make you less.

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