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Passion For Music Trumped My Profession -Jim Donnett

Although, Jim Donnett is new in the music scene, his music is gradually making wave in the industry. The multi-talented singer, song writer recently released a debut single titled ‘Him’, which has complimenting visuals to go with. The Bachelor’s degree holder in civil engineering from Covenant University who chose to follow his passion and love for music spoke with Tony Chinedu about his passion and other things


Why did you switch from engineering to music?

You know what they say, passion will always trump profession. I never really did figure what that meant until it became my lot. I won’t exactly agree that I switched because I had only bagged the degree. I hadn’t started working yet. I taught in a school during the period of my national service and my first appointment right after NYSC was with Red Media Africa. I was employed as a Staff Writer. As time progressed, I started to see my life objective in a clearer perspective.

Tell us about your new song/Video? What informed the title?

“Him” is the title of my debut single, and as against all the conceptions or shall I say misconceptions people have had about the title, one thing is correct. I sang about a guy, and that guy is me. I am ‘him’. One impediment to people catching their dreams is the fear of the unknown. So when I finally decided to do this music thing for real, I wrote myself a musical note that would sort of be a reminder as to why I set out on this course. I know the road won’t be easy, I know it will be topsy-turvy but because I understand the power of my dream, I must not relent in doing what is necessary to making my dream an eventual reality. It doesn’t matter when where or how. 

Tell us what kind of music you do and why?

Music generally is a form of self-expression irrespective of the genre. But some of them runs deeper than the others. For me, I’m quite intense with self-expression, and the quickest way I can do that in music, is through the soul and R&B genre.

At this very beginning of your music career, what was your mindset towards the industry?

It can only get better. It can only get better. That’s what I thought, that’s what I still think and I’ve already applied myself as bait using my music propaganda as one of the tools that will contribute to making it even better.

Do you have any fear of failing and disappointing some people?

Of course, yes! I’m human. Some people have told me I’m like their idea of the standard for starting out, some say I’m an inspiration, more others are just ecstatic to see me succeed as much as I want to for myself. It will pain me real bad to let even the tiniest heart down.

How do you get inspiration?

God is majorly my inspiration. And the beautiful thing about what He does is that He ties them to experiences I’ve had on my life odyssey.

What does it feel like when trying to put lyrics together?

Mehn! it’s a lot of work. Because you’re carrying the consciousness that whatever you’re trying to put down must make sense. Actually, I think it really depends on the mood one is in. I have songs from far back as 2012 that I haven’t finished writing and there’s a song I wrote this year that didn’t even take me up to an hour to finish.


Being accepted internationally is an edge for an artiste, how do you intend to reach international audience?

To be honest, right now my focus is not reaching the international audience. Everything has its time and process. I don’t expect to fly when I’m not even done learning how to crawl yet. I do not want to jump the gun. But if in the process that happens, then I trust my team to get in formation.

Aside singing, are you also considering acting like your other colleagues?

I have always fancied acting. So maybe yes, but it’s too soon to tell.

Aside trending video you have now, what are we expecting next?

I’m trying to stay consistent with my music brand especially on the records that I’ll be dishing out. So definitely there will be more music with sounds so distinct that the listening audience can always peg me out for.

Who will you like to collaborate with both local and international?

Home-based. Patoranking, Tiwa Savage, and maybe Ycee.

Internationally. Drake, Usher and Jessie J.

How has your family reacted to your music career?

They’ve got my back big time. I don’t think there’s anyone else who is super stoked about this more than they are. They’re my first family and first fans.

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