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Look Super Gorgeous In Flare Skirt

Anuoluwapo Moses

Flared skirts may not be the most popular style when it comes to skirts but they do look nice and stylish, especially when you know how to wear them. Celebrities wearing flared skirts are on to one of the hottest trends right now. Flared skirts have dominated the catwalks lately and it’s a trend that just as easily translates into your real life wardrobe.

These skirts can come in varying designs skirts ranging from the humble and plain flared skirt to full flared skirts and then there’s the trumpet style flared skirt that’s got a fitted body and a flared bottom and there’s also the skater skirt and everything else in between but the key similarity is that they all flare out towards the hem – just how much depends on what kind of look you’re after!

Take a cue from these celebrities wearing flared skirts and incorporate this flirty and feminine style into your wardrobe. So, in case you’re wondering how you can wear these flared skirts and look super gorgeous in them, here are some suggestions:

Wear with a belt – flared skirts tend to give the illusion that the wearer has a tinier waist because of the way it flares outwards and away from the body. If you want to maximize the effect of this illusion, you can wear your top tucked in and then put a belt on around the waist. If you’re curvy and want to conceal it, you can wear a slightly longer top and keep it untucked then put the belt on your shirt, around the waist. Wear it on evening dates – for date nights, you can choose between a full flared skirt and the trumpet style flared skirt.

Both are very romantic and chic and you should have no trouble deciding on what top to wear with them because they both would look great with any dressy top. Don’t forget to accessorize, too! Business casual – if you want something that’s casual but polished and sleek, wearing your flared skirt with a button down shirt and a pair of nice heels will give you a business casual look and do the job for you.

You can wear this look to work or to a lunch meeting. The basic flare skirt is a nice choice for this outfit combination but if you want something dressier and more feminine, you can go for either a full flare skirt or a trumpet style one

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