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Akpovi-Esade Dedicates COSON Award To Anikulapo

“It is a good feeling to know that some people have been keeping track of what you do over the years and they have decided to recognize your efforts.

So I am dedicating this COSON’s (Copyright Society of Nigeria) award to Mr. Jahman Oladejo Anikulapo, the Editor of all Editors who opened my eyes to the world of copyright”.

With those words, journalist and Media Lobbyist, Justin Akpovi-Esade, dedicated his recent COSON Roll of Honour award to veteran journalist Anikulapo who was instrumental to his being attracted to reporting intellectual property and even at times fighting for the rights of artistes in Nigeria in his early days in the profession.

He expressed gratitude for the honour done him by COSON: “It (award) is an honour that I cherish so much. In fact, I always cherish any award that comes to me unexpected because you know in Nigeria; so many awards are solicited for.”

He lamented the situation where users of intellectual property still want to be told to go and pay for what they use.

“In the last five years that COSON came into existence, there has been a significant improvement in the collective management organization collective management organization Collective Management   Organization, CMO sector but it breaks my heart to still hear news about some rights users not wanting to pay for the works they use.

With little time coupled with COSON’s commitment, things would become normal and artistes as well as other creators would begin to reap the fruit of their labour.”

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