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Communities Shut Agip

Local communities in Nigeria shut down two of ENI’s oil fields in the Niger Delta.

One group represented by the Agrisaba Oil and Gas Committee,shut down an oil facility in the Nembe 5 region following disputes, including over the provision of jobs for locals.

“The community has therefore decided that the facility be shut down till further notice until such a time that all these knotty issues have been resolved,” it said in a statement.

In the Egbebiri community, six wells were shut down at the Idu oilfield on May 25 over various grievances with the Italian firm, including an allegation the company owed money for the guarding of its wells since and had also failed to pay compensation for oil spills.

ENI was not the only company in Nigeria to see problems with the local communities or workers; Halliburton saw a work stoppage earlier in the week when union workers launched a strike. One of Nigeria’s oil unions, NUPENG, called a work stoppage in protests against job cuts. Operations were halted early in the week, but the strike did not last long as workers returned to their posts on May 27.


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